TFw-10 – Weigh Platform

The TFw-10 Postage Scale is the ideal addition to any mailroom, calculating postage costs for parcels up to 10kg.


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Remove the guess work

Our range of digital postal scales comes with the postal rates pre-programmed in their memory so you can calculate the cost and weight at the same time. Not only will this save time, but it removes the guesswork ensuring you only pay what’s required.


Simplicity at its best

All of our scales come with colour-coded keypads and clearly marked, multi-functional keys as well as simple, easy to read messages in the display panel. By memorising regularly used class and service combinations, you can easily recall your more popular rates at a touch of a button.


Multi-piece weighing

There’s no need to pre-sort mixed batches of mail, thanks to the scales intelligent ability to calculate individual items of mail. Place the mixed batch on the scales and as each item is removed the scale calculates each individual item of post. Your franking machine will then automatically apply the correct postage.


Complete automation

Whichever franking machine you have; whichever scale you choose one lead will connect the two providing accuracy and reliability within your mailroom.


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Additional information

Scale weight


Multi piece weighing


Print label key


Lowest rate shopping


Department accounting


Weigh Platforms

Manual for overweight items

Differential Weighing

Auto franking, Yes


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