X-ray machines for screening baggage, cargo, and people

Security scanning equipment for mailroom security

Are you able to identify the contents of your incoming mail? The protection of your employees and your premises is a great responsibility, and with an X-Ray machine from Twofold Ltd, you’ll be able to scan mail and detect threats before the package moves through your business. Our X-Ray cabinet is ideal for reception areas, hotels, and banks with its small footprint, and variable power to see through paper, or thicker materials to view the contents of baggage and luggage.

You may also find that your insurance will be dramatically reduced by having the X-Ray mail scanning machine on-site, and your staff will have full training to enable them to identify threats or contents prohibited from entering the business.

We also have larger conveyor belt parcel X-ray scanning machines that allow the constant flow of packages and baggage to be checked where high volumes are needed, such as airports, busy events, or to scan pallets coming into your business or ports. If you need to scan entire vehicles or arriving cargo, we also have a range of X-Ray equipment suitable for scanning vehicles from small cars up to large cargo transporters. The range of screening equipment even extents to scanners for medical and forensic examinations.

X-ray scanning for threat detection on incoming mail

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Mailroom security screening

At Twofold we offer x-ray machines supplied through VMI Security and 3DX-RAY, which use groundbreaking and innovative security screening technology to ensure you have the best tools to ensure the security of your business. The range of security X-ray machines available can be found below, and cover cabinet x-ray units, conveyor x-ray machines, and large cargo scanning equipment, but if you have any specific requirements for baggage and package scanning or mail screening equipment please get in touch to speak to us today.

Get complete peace of mind, with every piece of mail being scanned to view the contents by your trained security and mailroom staff. Mail screening will reduce staff anxiety, reduce the number of unauthorised packages, and could reduce your insurance costs.

If security is important to your business, you may wish to consider more of the document security equipment available from Twofold, from Cheque Signers, embossers, perforators, and hologram applicators, just get in touch to see what we can do to help.

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World leaders in X-ray technology

VMI is one of the world leaders in the manufacturing and development of x-ray technology. Constantly innovating and developing better solutions for the world in security inspection with VMI’s extensive experience in the field, they present the best solutions for any field in x-ray technology, delivering all the support that the customer needs.


X-ray machines offer:


Scan large objects with ease

Large scanning tunnels as standard
Quality products from Twofold Ltd

Maintain your company integrity

Full control of what mail enters your business
Gain confidence with Twofold Ltd Mailroom equipment

Peace of mind for you, your staff and your customers

Your staff will know all packages have been security checked and passed
Transform your business with Twofold Ltd

Lower Insurance costs

You may find your insurance is dramatically reduced

Warranty and maintenance

We manage all checks and your machine to guarantee safety.
spectrum_5333 x-ray machine

High-tech X-ray machines

VMI Security is a company focused on solutions for the inspection of baggage, people, cargo, and containers. With VMI solutions X-ray technology it is possible to identify any object or substance on bodies, in vehicles, and within packages without the need to open and physically inspect manually.

The technology is ideal for security procedures involving the incoming and outgoing of goods, packages and post, and people at the threshold of your business or events. Some examples of where X-ray machines have been installed are Government buildings, ports, airports, prisons, customs, events, transportation companies, and many more.

Cabinet X-Ray Unit

AXIS CXi x-ray cabinet from Twofold Ltd

Small packages and mail scanning

Specrum 5536 x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd
Spectrum 5333 x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd

Checkpoint X-ray machines

Spectrum 7560 X ray machine from Twofold Ltd
spectrum 6550 x ray machine from Twofold Ltd
Spectrum 6040 x ray machine from Twofold Ltd

Large package scanning

Spectrum 100100 x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd

Pallet scanning X-ray machines

Spectrum 180180 x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd
Spectrum 150180 x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd

Cargo scanners

Spectrum cargo x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd
Spectrum cargo compact x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd

People scanning X-ray machines

apolo smartcheck x-ray machine
BodyScan SV DV x ray machine from Twofold Ltd

Mobile X-ray scanning machines

Spectrum 100100 van x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd

Forensics scanning X-ray machines

Flatscan DF80 SVDV x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd

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