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We specialise in improving your business processes with tailor-made software to suit your organisation’s individual needs

The world is changing. Your customers’ and staff needs are changing. How can your core systems keep up with an ever increasing demand to adapt, improve and innovate whilst also staying compliant and resilient?

Traditional IT applications have become monolithic and outdated. Tomorrow’s winners will be those that can adapt the quickest, and create enjoyable journeys for their customers and staff. Twofold can help you sculpt this future. We free your teams with agile transformational tools designed to improve your processes and eliminate manual non-value added work. From the latest in robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning combined with enterprise content services we offer a unique way to harness the power of now.

Twofold Ltd is a platinum partner of Kofax
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The Power of Now

There is only one time best to change for the better – and that time is now. Imagine having the ability to build process robots at the speed of thought and deploy thousands of them across your business, now. Imagine if all of your data and documents found you in the right process at the right time, now. This is a just a glimpse of what we deliver for our thousands of customers using the worlds best business solutions for data capture, compliance and automation. We believe the time to improve your business is now.

We supply, support and advise on software to enable businesses across multiple industries to manage data, from capturing and validating documents, to enterprise wide distribution and analytics. We work with you to fit the solution to the problem, with modular building blocks and user friendly interfaces to improve efficiency – allowing your staff to work smarter with the effort all managed by software and software robots.

Robotic Process Automation from Twofold Ltd
Robotic Process Automation

Liberate your workforce from manual and repetitive data-intensive tasks.

Content services solutions from Twofold Ltd
Enterprise Content Services

Your single platform on which to build content-enabled applications and minimise IT sprawl.

Digital Transformation from Twofold Ltd
Digital Transformation

Communicate with your customers via their preferred channel and from any location.

Financial Automation software from Twofold Ltd
Financial Process Automation

Reshape the accounts payable and invoice processing experience.

Benefits of modern business solutions include:

  • Reduce costs by up to 75%
  • Reduce storage space by up to 98%
  • Reduce environmental footprint
  • Immediate retrieval of vital company documents and information
  • Automate document workflow and approval
  • Disaster recovery protection for all company documents
  • Eliminate filing errors

Maintenance contracts

Whether you are purchasing a new machine or software solution we recommend taking out a Twofold support and maintenance contract as the most economical way of ensuring maximum performance, longevity and efficiency – resulting in peace of mind for you.

Twofold Ltd has regularly trained professional engineers covering the whole of the UK and Ireland. Each one ready to respond quickly, and all equipped to provide on-site support to get your systems back in operation without delays. For professional services for your software installations, contact us to find out how we can help you to get the most from your investment.

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Kofax, OnBase by Hyland, and Docuware

At Twofold we author our own applications and partner with the world’s leading providers Kofax, OnBase, and DocuWare (among others). Using this approach with freedom to choose the best solution for you we are always able to meet your requirements and budget, and your success is our priority.

Twofold Ltd is a platinum partner of Kofax
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Digital Transformation

In an increasingly digital world led by online giants like Amazon and Google, many businesses are looking to embrace a move into digital. Thankfully there are a range of digital transformation solutions from Twofold that can help ease this transition and saving you time and money.

Digital Mailroom

A digital mailroom from Twofold can be deployed to solve a single department’s problem or to revolutionise your whole organisation. We deliver world-class solutions to reduce your costs, keep you compliant, improve customer service and increase efficiency.

Outbound Document Management

With ODM you can manage outbound communication with customers, enabling you to quickly and simply create personalised communication. You’ll be able to simplify and centralise the preparation of all your customer communications for your folder inserters.

Document Scanning

The latest in scanning technology and functionality enables you to do so much more than just capture an image. Documents can be automatically identified, scanned or digitised, then passed back through as an electronic document to follow the same route as an email, fax or e-form.


Our technology is designed to work in a way that works with your business. Some of our customers buy the platform to deploy department by department, others choose to solve one problem at a time knowing the technology will grow into a strategic solution that fits their IT architecture.

ECM - OnBase and DocuWare

ECM is an umbrella term that typically encompasses various technologies. Whatever format your business takes, from paper documents to electronic data streams, OnBase and DocuWare can capture it all. making it available from one central place.

Kofax Total Agility

As a Diamond partner of Kofax, Twofold have invested in the skills required to implement and support your Kofax environment. TotalAgility is easy-to-use for modelling, design, analysis, simulation and testing of processes.

Kofax RPA

Kofax RPA is the world’s leading data acquisition and integration software solution, unique in its ability to give business users the ability to build a suite of applications without any scripting or programming skills.

Business Intelligence

If your business is looking to improve decision making, reduce costs and maximise efficiency, then an investment in business intelligence is a great way to identify opportunities for improvement.


Become efficient from first contact with your customers. Connect across all devices with intelligent eForms to provide fast service transformation with flexible integration.



Whether your software is run locally or deployed in the cloud, Twofold has the ability to link to over 500 back end applications either with certified connectors, standard interface methodologies.

Kofax - Multi Channel Capture

Kofax delivers powerful, production level capture of documents and data from virtually any source, for example – scanners, mobile devices, websites, multi-function devices, e-mail, fax, web service, or folders.

SignDoc™ e-Signature

Leading organisations in banking, insurance, retail and many other industries worldwide now use SignDoc®. Reduce your operational costs, speed time to closure, improve customer satisfaction, stay compliant and operate securely.

Policy Management

Policy Management allows you to create and maintain policies and procedures, and communicate to staff. Twofold’s solution allows you to maintain an audit trail, and establish a culture of compliance within your organisation.

Accounts Payable Automation

Is your Accounts Payable a costly bottle neck for your organisation? With AP Automation, you can transform your processes and gain efficiency, compliancy and real insights to your entire operation.

Sales Ordering Processing

Your sales can come in from a variety of routes, from a phone call, email or a purchase order among the others. Sales Order Automation from Twofold processes them to improve accessibility and efficiency.

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