X-Ray machines for threat detection on incoming mail

Security equipment to protect staff and premises

Are you able to identify the contents of your incoming mail? The protection of your employees and your premises are a great responsibility, and with an X-Ray machine from Twofold you’ll be able to scan and detect threats before the package moves through your business. You may also find that your insurance will be dramatically reduced by having the X-Ray machine on site, and your staff will have full training to enable them to identify threats, or contents prohibited from entering the business.


At Twofold we offer machines supplied through FutureScan Ltd, using ground breaking and innovative security screening technology to ensure you have the best tools to ensure the security of your business. The range of X-ray machines available can be found below, but if you have any specific requirements for baggage scanning or security equipment please get in touch to speak to us today.

Get complete peace of mind, with every piece of mail being scanned to view the contents by your trained security and mailroom staff. Mailscreening will reduce staff anxiety, reduce the amount of unauthorised packages, and could reduce your insurance costs. If security is important to your business, you may wish to consider more of the document security equipment available from Twofold, from Cheque Signers, embossers, perforators and hologram applicators, just get in touch to see what we can do to help.

X-ray scanning for threat detection on incoming mail

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Advanced 3-D X-ray technology

The X-ray technology provided by Twofold differs from many of those currently on the market, our proprietary 3D Perspective™ technology evolves geometries and detection algorithms which remove blind spots and increase visibility, enabling you to more easily detect the presence of threats – this difference is clearly evident, even to the untrained eye.

The screening area is maximised, producing images that reveal the contents in unparalleled depth and detail.


X-ray machines offer:


Scan large objects with ease

Large scanning tunnels as standard
Quality products from Twofold Ltd

Maintain your company integrity

Full control of what mail enters your business
Gain confidence with Twofold Ltd Mailroom equipment

Peace of mind for you, your staff and your customers

Your staff will know all packages have been security checked and passed
Transform your business with Twofold Ltd

Lower Insurance costs

You may find your insurance is dramatically reduced

Warranty and maintenance

We manage all checks and your machine to guarantee safety.
x ray machines from Twofold Ltd

How does 3D Perspective™ differ?

Competitor 2D scan

Competitors' X-ray machine display in 2-D
2D Scanner – Unable to detect all concealed objects due to dangerous blind spots
Images – Images produced are flat files and cannot be manipulated further in the future

Competitors will say – True 3D scanners are expensive, large and slow to produce images

Our 3D Perspective™

3d x-ray machine screen display
No blind spots – We eliminate blind spots and allow operators to quickly identify threats
Images saved in raw format – This is so you can rescan them and analyse them as though the items were back in the machine
Same price as 2D – We provide the benefits of a dual view system at the price of single view

Portable X-Ray Machine – Scanwedge

Along with our range of security scanning machines based at your location, we supply portable x-ray machines to enable you to check packages wherever they are. Scanwedge has been designed specifically for the demands of tough law enforcement and EOD environments.

The Scanwedge x-ray scanning device is lightweight and can be stored and carried in a backpack thanks to its unique flat panel imager. You’ll get high quality x-ray images time after time, and the weather-protective milspec cover and robust build with no fragile moving parts means it’s fully equipped for environments in the field. If you need a lightweight reliable baggage scanner, look no further.

  • Unique rugged and lightweight flat panel imager (imaging area less than 1” thick )
  • 3 component operation (generator, imager, laptop) – no additional interface box needed
  • Direct X-ray Image Viewing with Fast rescans – take multiple x-ray exposures without reapproach to retrieve the plate
  • Ethernet cable or wireless operation
scanwedge portable x-ray machine

X-Ray Cabinets

x ray cabinet for threat detection from Twofold Ltd

Cabinet X-ray scanners are suitable where space is limited and staff need to check bundles of letters, documents and small packages. Twofold Supply the Scanmax range of cabinet X-Ray machines, which can be set up on a standard desk-top, under a desk, or supplied as a freestanding cabinet on a wheeled trolley base.

5 Series – providing our most compact solution, ideal for mail, and small parcel screening.

xr3d-50 x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd
xr3d-50s x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd

6 Series –  suitable for most use cases and easily accommodates mail, and small and medium-sized baggage

XR3D-60 x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd
XR3D-6d x ray machine from Twofold Ltd
XR3D-60 x ray machine from Twofold Ltd

7 Series – Perfect for screening the largest carry-on articles, as well as mail, parcels, and personal items.

xr3d-7 x ray machine from Twofold Ltd
XR3D-7D x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd

10 Series – ideal for check-in baggage screening at airports, freight screening at warehouses, fulfillment centres as well as ports and borders.

XR3D-100 x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd
XR3D-100d x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd

18 Series – our largest scanner, it is designed to scan medium to large freight and cargo.

XR3D-18 x-ray machine from Twofold Ltd

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