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Policy, Procedural & Regulatory Compliance

Our Solutions can Help You to Deliver Compliance



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Ensure Regulatory & Procedural Standards Across Sectors

Our compliance solution builds processes to enforce regulatory and procedural standards, facilitating compliance across multiple sectors.

Additionally, it ensures that policies and procedures are distributed for acceptance by employees and new starters.

Key Features for Compliance

Process and document automation software can assist with compliance by ensuring that procedures are consistently followed and accurately documented.

The Power of Now

There is only one time best to change for the better – and that time is now. Imagine having the ability to build process robots at the speed of thought and deploy thousands of them across your business, now. Imagine if all of your data and documents found you in the right process at the right time, now. This is a just a glimpse of what we deliver for our thousands of customers using the worlds best business solutions for data capture, compliance and automation. We believe the time to improve your business is now.

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Automating processes ensures that compliance measures are consistently applied across all operations.

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Reduce risk

Lower the risk of non-compliance, fines, or penalties by minimising manual errors and ensuring adherence to policies.

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Audit Trail

Maintaining detailed logs and records of actions taken, making it easier to track changes and demonstrate compliance.

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Secure Access

Apply access permissions that are unique to your organisation to ensure people can only see what they should.

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Timely Reporting

Generate real-time reports, ensuring data is readily available when needed by regulatory bodies or internal audits.

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Facilitate accurate and organised documentation of processes, ensuring that all information is captured and easily accessible.

Typical Compliance Use Cases

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Human Resources

Streamline the recruitment and onboarding process by automating tasks such as job postings, candidate screening, and offer letters. Store and organise candidate CVs, application forms, and other hiring documents, ensuring legal compliance. Automatically distribute policies and procedures for review and acknowledgement.

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Track a product's lifecycle, from raw materials or parts to finished goods, ensuring full traceability. Identify the source of compliance issues and enable prompt corrective action and potential risks based on historical data. This allows organisations to mitigate risks and strengthen their compliance approach proactively.

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Protect Patient Data and comply with GDPR regulations by implementing robust data protection measures, such as encryption, access controls, and data subject rights management. This ensures that patient data is handled securely, by the right staff, and in accordance with legal requirements.

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Financial Services

Streamline Anti-Money Laundering and Customer Onboarding processes by automating due diligence checks. Ensure compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR by implementing data security measures, managing data access and consent, and facilitating data subject access requests.

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Public Sector

Compliance with procurement processes, including bid management, contract administration, and supplier management. Store and manage procurement documents in compliance with procurement regulations, contract terms, and transparency requirements. Additionally, it is easy to manage Freedom of Information requests.


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Deploy claims processing workflows from submission to settlement. Store and manage claims documentation, such as claim forms, supporting evidence, and correspondence, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for claims handling, fraud detection, and customer communication.

Products Used for Compliance

Move to process and document automation for your compliance procedures to save time and resources that can be better spent on other areas of your business.


A comprehensive software platform designed to help organisations automate and streamline their business processes, including digital mailroom operations.


A content management and enterprise information platform developed by Hyland Software, a company specialising in content services and document management solutions. 


DocuWare delivers document management and workflow automation software that enables you to digitise and optimise the processes that power the core of your business.

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