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Twofold fi 7280 scanner

Scanners & Scanning Software

Automate your document reviews and enhance your ability to detect fraud
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Scanning Solution for Incoming Documents

We can provide you with a wide range of scanner hardware and software solutions to solve almost any of your business needs, from basic ad-hoc scanning to full production environments. Using leading manufacturers, including Tungsten Automation, Ricoh, and Kodak Canon, to name a few.

We can provide full servicing and maintenance of all scanners whether we supplied them to you or not, so why not call us to see if we can help?

Tungsten Automation Compatible Scanners

Twofold provides Tungsten Automation certified scanners that meet all testing criteria. Tungsten Automation maintains at least two in-house units for certified devices, tests them for major product releases, and supports field-reported bugs.

Key Features & Benefits of Twofold Scanners

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Cost saving efficiency

Our production scanners can handle up to 100,000 pages daily. With high speeds and reliability, they offer productivity and versatility while lowering costs.

A range of scanners

Scan documents effortlessly with our mobile, desktop, and production scanners, available for use anytime and anywhere.

Scanner Maintenance

Our goal is to reduce your scanner support costs by 25%.


Our Range of Scanners


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