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Maximise Office Productivity with Letter Openers

A Letter Opener is an efficient way to get your mail from the post room to your desk. Automatic letter openers can open hundreds of envelopes in just a minute and safely without causing any damage to the contents. Promptly managing your mail is crucial to avoid delays in sales follow-ups, customer complaints, or overdue payments.

Key Features & Benefits of Letter Opening Machines

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Manage Incoming Mail

Letter openers are equipped with an envelope detection feature that removes all the contents from the envelope, allowing for immediate processing of cheques, orders, and claims.

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Quick Mail Handling

Our smallest letter opener can open up to 300 envelopes per minute. Our fastest machines can open 36000 envelopes per hour, allowing for quick processing of documents like invoices and sales inquiries.

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Increase Productivity

Employees can handle mixed mail without pre-sorting and quickly extract contents with some letter openers.

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Extract Documents

Essential documents such as contracts or purchase orders should not be under the risk of being damaged when opening the envelope. Letter openers use precision blades to slit the edge of the envelope on one, two, or three sides.

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Improve Cash Flow

Causing delays in opening essential documents, such as cashing cheques, can disrupt cash flow. Automated letter opening separates cheques from other mail for quicker banking.

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Meet Customer Needs

Efficient mail delivery plays a crucial role in managing workloads and meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs). It ensures that important documents, letters, or packages reach their intended recipients on time.


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