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Generative AI

Opening new possibilities for creativity and problem-solving
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Enhancing Functionality with Generative AI Integration

The integration of Generative AI into our solutions has brought significant advancements in functionality.

Generative AI Core Capabilities

Automated Extraction

Structured data can be extracted from unstructured documents, such as contracts and reports, reducing manual data entry efforts.

Content Summarisation

Generative AI can create concise summaries of lengthy documents, enabling quicker comprehension and decision-making.

Context Understanding

By understanding the context and semantics of the text, AI can identify key entities, relationships, and insights within documents.

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Text Generation

Quickly scale automation efforts, allowing businesses to deploy ‘bots’ across processes, adapting to changing workloads or demands.

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Language Processing

Extracting key information from contracts written in different languages and translating them for unified processing.

Simplified Reporting

End users can use conversational AI to more easily interrogate complex data structures, produce reports and make key decisions more quickly.

Switch to Generative AI to transform into innovative solutions, personalised experiences, and valuable insights across various industries.

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