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Paper Folding Machine

Simplify the process of accessing documents

Revolutionise Document Management

For decades the only way for an organisation to store information was to keep physical copies of documents in filing cabinets. Even with the introduction of space-saving ideas like the microfiche, these took up valuable space, and it was easy to lose records and have duplicated documents, searching for the right document was also a challenge in itself

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Automatic Paper Folding Machine

An automatic paper folding machine is an efficient device that automates the paper folding process. While it may not appear valuable, it benefits those who spend hours manually folding paper. The machine ensures precision in every fold, allowing individuals to focus on other important tasks without being weighed down by hours of repetitive manual labour.

Key Features & Benefits of a Paper Folding Machine

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Cost Saving Efficiency

Paper folding machines can reduce postage costs by folding items to fit smaller envelopes eligible for cheaper Royal Mail tariffs.

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Twofold’s Paper Folding Machines guarantee precise and crisp folds for accurately folded documents every time.

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Complete Automation

Save time and reduce postage costs by linking your Letter Folding Machine with more of our mailroom equipment.

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Compact Design

Paper folders are secure and user-friendly, making them ideal for any office or post room setting.

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Cut Manual Labour

Liberate your workforce from manual and repetitive data-intensive tasks.

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Increase Productivity

Save up to 8 hours by folding mail or documents with a Paper Folding Machine.



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Typical benefits of a digital mailroom in banking:

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