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Tungsten TotalAgility

Improve customer experience and efficiency with enhanced services

Revolutionise Document Management

For decades the only way for an organisation to store information was to keep physical copies of documents in filing cabinets. Even with the introduction of space-saving ideas like the microfiche, these took up valuable space, and it was easy to lose records and have duplicated documents, searching for the right document was also a challenge in itself

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Tungsten TotalAgility helps Streamline Business Processes

Tungsten TotalAgility is a comprehensive software platform designed to help organisations automate and streamline their business processes, including digital mailroom operations.

Tungsten TotalAgility Core Capabilities

Document Capture

Ingest documents in various formats, including scanning paper documents and capturing electronic files and emails.


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Document Classification

Advanced machine learning and document recognition algorithms classify and categorise the documents.

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Data Extraction

Extract relevant data, including information like invoice amounts, case references and customer names.

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Workflow Automation

Initiate automated workflows based on predefined business rules. These workflows determine how the documents are routed and processed.

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Easily integrate with other systems and applications used within your organisation, such as ERP ,CRM and DMS software.

Audit and Compliance

Log all interactions with documents to ensure compliance with regulations and to provide a full audit trail.

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Reporting and Analytics

Extensive reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing your organisation to monitor and measure performance.

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Document Archiving

Documents can be archived or stored in a centralised repository, making them easily searchable and retrievable.

Ongoing Improvement

Use insights gained from the platform's analytics to continuously improve your processes, increasing efficiency and accuracy.



Flexibility of Tungsten TotalAgility

Tungsten TotalAgility's digital mailroom solution streamlines the handling of incoming documents and mail, automates document classification and data extraction, and facilitates efficient workflow and collaboration among employees. It helps organisations improve efficiency, reduce manual document handling, and enhance overall productivity while maintaining compliance with regulations.

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Typical benefits of a digital mailroom in banking:

  • Mortgage document processing
  • Mortgage document processing
  • Mortgage document processing
  • Mortgage document processing
  • Mortgage document processing