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Digital Mailroom

Manage mail of all format types
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Modernise your Digital Mailroom

A digital mailroom is a centralised system that converts physical mail and documents into digital formats using technologies like scanning and OCR. This process streamlines the handling, sorting, and processing of various incoming information, improving accessibility, security, and decision-making speed by reducing manual work and enabling efficient document management.

What are the benefits of a Digital Mailroom?

Document Capture

Import electronic documents like emails and convert physical items into digital format using scanning.

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Data Classification

Automatically tag documents & extract essential details such as sender information, dates, & subject matter.

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Workflow Automation

Trigger workflows based on set rules, routing the document to the correct department system.

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System Integration

Connect with other organisational systems (e.g. ERP or CRM) for smooth data transfer and access.

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Collaborative Review

Digital document reviews, annotations, and comments facilitate efficient decision-making and approvals.

Audit Trails

Maintain compliance by tracking document interactions, generating audit trails, and ensuring adherence to policies.

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Reporting & Analytics

Easy monitoring of performance metrics, pinpointing inefficiencies, and refining processes for better productivity.

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Archiving & Retrieval

Processed documents can be stored in a central repository, making them easily searchable and accessible.

Ongoing Improvement

Drive ongoing enhancements in the digital mailroom processes, continually refining efficiency and accuracy.

Efficiency with a Digital Mailroom 

Our digital mailroom solution allows organisations to manage documents received from various sources, whether in a physical or digital format. Unlike other digital mailroom services, our platform will allow you to modify your business processes using our user-friendly workflow module.

Make the switch to a Digital Mailroom and transform your Document Management processes.

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