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kofax ap essentials

Tungsten AP Essentials

Invoice Processing Automation in the cloud

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Capture & Automate the Validation of Invoices with AP Essentials

Tungsten AP (Accounts Payable) Essentials streamlines and automates accounts payable processes. It integrates advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and process automation to enhance invoice processing, data extraction, and workflow automation.

How Tungsten AP Essentials can help

Invoice Capture

Automatically captures and extracts data from invoices, reducing manual data entry.

Data Validation

Validate extracted data for accuracy and consistency, reducing manual errors.

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Workflow Automation

Enables routing and approval processes, reducing bottlenecks.

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Flexible integration with existing ERP's and financial systems.

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Compliance and Security

Ensures compliance and protects sensitive financial data.

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Analytics and Reporting

Gain insights into accounts payable processes through analytics and audit logging.

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Mobile Accessibility:

Mobile access for on-the-go approvals and monitoring.

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Easily accommodate the growing needs of your business.


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Cost and Time Savings

Reduce manual processing time and costs.

Why Choose Twofold

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