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security equipment

Security Equipment for Mailroom

Security Equipment for a Range of Businesses & Threats

The need to protect your employees and your business from threats has never been stronger. Twofold have a long history in providing security solutions including X-ray, metal detection heartbeat monitors and blast security equipment. We help all types of businesses and organisations to protect themselves against threats to the mailroom, buildings, people, events, luggage and cargo in transit.

Our Wide Range of Security Equipment


Cabinet X-Ray Scanning
Conveyer X-Ray Scanners
Walk Through Metal Detectors
Heart Beat Detection

Benefits of Using Security Equipment

Twofold Xray Icon 01 Detect
Detect Prohibited Items

Incoming mail and parcels could contain risks to your building, employees or clients such as explosives, organic and inorganic materials, sharp objects or powder based threats. 

Twofold Xray Icon 02 Prevent Loss
Prevent Monetary Loss

Protection from loss using state of the art metal detection systems from walk-through detectors to hand held for security screening,  We can provide you with the full package when it comes to security. 

Twofold Xray Icon 03 Company Integrity
Company Integrity

Keep the trust of your customers by 

Twofold Xray Icon 04 Avoid Disruption
Avoid Disruption

No costly investigations

Twofold Xray Icon 05 Security
Business Wide Security

No weak spots to be exploited

Why Choose Twofold

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Typical benefits of a digital mailroom in banking:

  • Mortgage document processing
  • Mortgage document processing
  • Mortgage document processing
  • Mortgage document processing
  • Mortgage document processing