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Digitise, organise and secure your business information using the DocuWare platform
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Document Management, Storage, Search, and Retrieval

DocuWare is a comprehensive document management and workflow automation platform designed to streamline document-intensive processes within businesses. It allows organisations to digitise, store, manage, and access documents in a secure and efficient manner.

DocuWare caters to a wide range of industries and businesses, helping them transition from paper-based document systems to digital ones, improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and facilitating smoother collaboration among teams.


How DocuWare Can Help Your Business

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Document Capture

Import documents from email or scanning and turn them into searchable digital files.

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Process Automation

Create and manage automated workflows for tasks like document approvals, notifications, and routing.

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Search Retrieval

Documents are indexed and stored with metadata, making them easily retrievable and searchable.


Robust document security with role-based access controls, limiting access to unauthorised users.

Collaboration Tools

Facilitates document sharing, annotations, and comments among team members.


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Ensure your business adheres to regulatory standards like GDPR, ensuring data privacy and security.

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Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with existing business systems such as CRM or ERP, enhancing workflow continuity.


Adaptable to business growth and evolving document management needs.

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Analytics Reporting

Tools to track document-related metrics, aiding in performance evaluation and process improvement.

What Our Customers Say

“Implementing DocuWare has had a beneficial impact on our business. It helped us make the move to being paperless in accounts, and has improved our overall productivity and efficiency... and it is so easy to use!”


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Typical benefits of a digital mailroom in banking:

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