Make huge savings on your post with a Franking Machine

The Twofold Franking Machine Range (TFm) makes it simple to weigh, frank and send your mail. Easy to operate and whisper quiet, the TFm Range of Mailmark ready franking machines are designed to integrate smoothly into the office environment.

What is a Franking machine?

A franking machine allows you to pre-pay your postage costs with a direct link to the Royal Mail. This ensures you save time, effort and costs of stamps - and you'll be able to manage your tariffs from your office.

The machine will be set with the correct date, and once weighed it is inserted into the franking machine and the individual franking mark is printed onto the letter, or label. The Mailmark ready franking machines at Twofold Ltd come in a range of sizes suitable for anyone from a small Ebay seller, right up to the capability to process up to 150 letters a minute.

Up to 50 letters a day

Up to 300 letters a day

Over 300 letters a day


Franking Machine TFm-600

Franking Machine TFm-700

Saves you money

• Save 12p on every 1st class letter
• Save 16p on every 2nd class letter
• Never pay more than is required with your integrated postal scales

Saves you time

• Simply enter the amount you require and at the touch of a button your postage is download via your Internet
• No more queuing at the Post Office for stamps

Saves you hassle

• Programmable jobs for easy re-call
• Create professional looking mail with a printed customer slogan
• Control department mailing budgets

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To check the latest Royal Mail postage costs click here
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We have a range of franking inks ready to buy today from our Twostore site, or just call our Reading office for help.
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Low volume Franking Machines


TFm-280 Franking Machine


- Up to 50 items a day

- Up to 20 items a minute

- Up to 5 memory jobs

- 2kg weigh platform

- European postage

- L/H/W 316/194/225mm

The TFm-280c Franking Machine is the perfect choice for the small business, offering advanced features at a low cost. Its compact design and easy operation enables the TFm-240 to fit perfectly into any small office. More info


Medium Volume Franking Machine


- Up to 100 items a day

- Up to 45 items a minute

- 9 memory jobs

- 2kg weigh platform

- Up to 10 slogans

- L/H/W 432/254/381mm

The TFm-360 Franking Machine is the ideal choice for the medium sized business, offering sophisticated features in a compact package. The TFm-360 is designed to integrate smoothly into your office environment and process mail quickly and efficiently. More info




- Up to 350 items a day

- Up to 110 items a minute

- 9 memory jobs

- 3/5/10/30kg weigh platform

- Up to 10 slogans

- L/H/W 838/381/305mm

With it's host of advanced and user friendly features, the TFm-600 Franking Machine takes your mailing productivity to the next level. Compact in size and simple operation, the TFm-600 Franking Machine is fast, flexible and affordable. More info


High Volume Franking Machine

TFm-480 Franking Machine


- Up to 2,000 items a day

- Up to 150 letters per minute

- 9 memory jobs

- 3/5/10/30kg weigh platform

- Optional cleanmail

- L/H/W 1651/457/330mm

The TFm-700 Franking Machine is both fast and quiet, making it perfect for high volume mailings. The ideal mailing solution for increasing your mail productivity and efficiency, the TFm-700 Franking Machine is at home in any size mailroom. More info


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