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Invoice Automation for
Efficiency and Accuracy

Based in Reading, Berkshire, Twofold Ltd helps organisations like yours to succeed and become more efficient
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Invoice Automation for
Efficiency and Accuracy

Based in Reading, Berkshire, Twofold Ltd helps organisations like yours to succeed and become more efficient

Invoice Automation for
Efficiency and Accuracy

Based in Reading, Berkshire, Twofold Ltd helps organisations like yours to succeed and become more efficient
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Invoice Automation for
Efficiency and Accuracy

Based in Reading, Berkshire, Twofold Ltd helps organisations like yours to succeed and become more efficient


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Our engineers are based throughout the UK to provide a speedy response

Business Software solutions that fit your department

Our digital mailroom technology is designed to be implemented in your specific circumstances. Some customers choose to purchase the platform and deploy it gradually across different departments. Others prefer to address one problem at a time, knowing that the technology will eventually evolve into a strategic solution that seamlessly integrates with their existing IT architecture. Whatever your needs may be, our team of consultants will provide you with the optimal solution and offer ongoing assistance and support to ensure your continued success and growth. 

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Our engineers are based throughout the UK to provide a speedy response

Are you reacting to the demands of your customers and employees?

In today's ever-changing business landscape, it is crucial to adapt to the evolving needs of your customers and employees. Our vision of enterprise solutions is rooted in meeting all the essential technology requirements of scalability, resilience, and integration. What sets us apart is our ability to deploy top-tier software that swiftly resolves issues in hours or days rather than dragging on for weeks or months.


We prioritise your software needs and aim to provide you with easy-to-use systems that enhance the experience for both your employees and customers. If you are considering digital transformation, the Digital Mailroom is an excellent solution for managing your communications. It allows your customers, clients, and employees to seamlessly send and receive data and documents from any location and device.

Which departments do we support?

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Accounts Receivable
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Accounts Payable
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Human Resources
Contract Management
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Claims Management
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Policy Management

Accounts departments

Accounts Payable Processing material-symbols_arrow-drop-down
Invoice Data Capture

Using our own solutions, we can capture your invoice information and feed it directly into your accounting system. Your invoices can then be routed to us to open and scan or you can do this and we will take your images and deliver back all the invoice data into your accounting system or provide exceptions for your team to correct.

Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts payable departments can become swamped with incoming business documents. Many industry studies reveal that paper processing of accounts payable documents is costing organisations millions of pounds unnecessarily.

The vast majority of accounts payable employees know how to improve their processes, they just need the technology to help.

At Twofold we listen to our customers and develop solutions based around their needs. We don’t replicate or replace the accounting system, we don’t request months of consulting fees to implement a complex solution. Instead, we rapidly deliver an application that works with your existing accounting system and immediately solves the processing and paper handling issues.

Vendor Master File Cleaning

We know that keeping your vendor records up to date on your accounting system is a time consuming and tedious job. For this reason, most companies allow their vendor details to age and go out of date.

Twofold can refresh this data for you updating legal entity, Company registration number, address and contact details. However, we recommend that only you update any bank detail information.

Vendor Connect

Why receive paper from your key suppliers?

Why not receive an XML file with all the key data and a copy of your invoice – saving you hours keying data and ensure 100% accurate information with our vendor connector.

This solution requires the supplier to print their invoices as normal but instead of their invoice coming out on the printer, the connector will intercept the print stream before it reached the printer and send you an email with the invoice and xml data.

Accounts Receivable material-symbols_arrow-drop-down
Reduce debtor days

It is important to focus on an accounts receivable solution within any organisation. Many believe that they are doing all they can to maximise rapid collection of outstanding debtors.

You could see a dramatic improvement to your outstanding debtor within days with our help. Twofold can produce and distribute invoices and other documents either electronically or on paper.

Did you know that a simple invoice layout redesign you can dramatically improve its effectiveness?

Many organisations stick to a standard layout for invoices, set by their accounting system, but Twofold’s software allows for rapid invoice redesign without any programming changes to the host accounting application.

Once redesigned, the invoices can be sent as a batch to email, fax or print without programming or manual selection. Our software reads the invoice and selects the fastest delivery method so that you can collect your funds quickly and easily. Even if you need to produce paper invoices, our folder inserters and franking solutions will speed up the posting stage.

You could join the plethora of users from Sage to SAP who save thousands of pounds with Twofold. Let us help you to eliminate postal costs and dramatically reduce debtor days.

What are the benefits of accounts receivable automation?

  • Reduced debtor days
  • No reprogramming of core system
  • Rapid deployment
  • Save up to 99% of the cost of delivery by using batch auto e-mail
  • Convert print stream into XMLinvoices for rapid payment
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Make Human Resources easy with digital employee document management

Our HR Document Management solution gives you the peace of mind that employee information is secure, yet accessible to authorised users easily.

Our consultant team has vast experience in helping Human Resources departments to automate and control the paperwork that most companies typically generate around HR function.

If your business runs HR from a locked filing cabinet you will know the cost, effort and operational risk associated with this antiquated business practice. Adding e-forms to your email application and scanning any legally required paper we can move all your HR processes into a secure and controlled electronic workflow.

A Digital mailroom and an automated Workflow would enhance the HR solution by enabling you to implement controls around HR documentation as well as adding the ability to notify and provide employees with a task list of actions they must perform or documents that they need to have read. In addition to this, we provide software for automating your employee onboarding processes.

What are the typical workflow applications?

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Leavers Workflow
  • Performance Review Workflow
  • Disciplinary / Grievance Workflow
  • Notification Workflow – i.e. indicate an employee’s status – when an employee reaches the end of their probationary period or reaches retirement age
  • Document Retention Workflow – designed to purge employee records after the legally required timescale
Claims Management material-symbols_arrow-drop-down

Twofold name the majority of the UK’s leading insurance companies as customers. Our solutions have allowed our customers to automate and control their claims handling process.

From the initiation of the claim we can manage the case in our award winning software or feed your existing claims handling system with incoming documents and data as they arrive into your traditional and digital mailrooms.

An insurance company is full of moving parts. From claims processing to customer service and accounting, time is of the essence. Demands that policy holders place on insurance companies all come down to that: how fast can you process my claim, how fast can you answer my question, how fast can you quote me a new rate, how fast can you make me happy.

To reduce time, speed up processes and make customers happy, insurance teams must tame enormous amounts of information – claims reports, documents, emails and more – and connect those information dots so its content works as one.

Working at light speed is easy with our solutions. Seamlessly integrating with existing systems – from electronic claims processing systems to policy administration systems and beyond – We will share information across teams and automate your business processes. Instead of painstakingly processing every new application or claim, focus on the exceptions.

Capture, collect, and manage content – in the office or in the field with a digital mailroom and mobile solutions, so work gets done faster and more accurately.

The faster you process a claim, the lower your costs and the happier your customers. Our solutions give claims teams all the information they need to process claims and handle exceptions fast and according to your business rules. Processing claims faster and more accurately not only means you fight the clock – it means you save money claim after claim.

For more information on how your company could benefit from using solutions from Twofold, please complete the contact form and one of our Account Managers will be in touch with you shortly.