Is your business ready for digital transformation?

What is Digital Transformation?

By now everyone has heard this term, and businesses around the world are scrambling to modernise, digitise and get ahead of their competitors. But what does Digital Transformation actually mean, and more specifically, what does it mean for you?

This is increasingly being referred to as Business Transformation, and for many businesses it will simply mean changing from manual tasks to digitising specific processes – from transitioning to a paperless office, automating customer on-boarding, invoice automation and inbound communications handling, these processes are often put under the banner of the Digital Mailroom. Other businesses will require more of a holistic approach, with both mailroom equipment and software working together as a complete solution. This is where the expertise of Twofold comes in to make your job a lot easier.

As partners with some of the worlds best providers of Enterprise Content Management and Multichannel Capture solutionsOnBase, DocuWare, and Kofax – we are perfectly placed to give you the best fit for your business. When you add in the huge range of mailroom equipment such as folder inserters, letter openers and franking machines, and devices to allow your staff to work from home such as Lexmark multifunction printers you have the complete inbound and outbound solution ready to digitally transform your organisation.

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What are the benefits of a digital transformation from Twofold?

Save money with Twofold Ltd

You save money

Why spend money on replacing legacy systems? Our digital transformation solution bridges the gap between legacy systems and digital, allowing both to co-exist in harmony.
Efficiency solutions from Twofold Ltd

You become more efficient

Our digital transformation solutions enable a consistent delivery of information between frontend and backend systems, both inbound and outbound.
Transformation solutions from Twofold Ltd

You don’t fall behind

Those that fail to embrace the transition into digital now may find it harder to do so in the future when they are even further behind.

Are you ready for transformation?

Your business needs to stay current as technology progresses, and we tailor your solution exactly to your needs to ensure you’re not left behind.

With a range of document solutions from automation, to physical mailroom equipment, you’ll be able to stay ahead.

Improve the customer journey

We help your organisation succeed by making it easier for your customers to do business with you

The digital landscape is changing, and your customers’ expectations are changing with them. Whether you need a complete Digital Mailroom solution to handle documents at multiple locations, automate financial processes, manage data from email, web, social media or internal systems, Twofold can help your business to become more customer focused and agile by communicating through their preferred channel and from any location. With more focus on data security and auditing your communications, having the ability to record where your data is, and who has access to it is vital for your customers’ peace of mind – and your compliance with GDPR.

With our assistance your organisation becomes more compliant, faster, smarter and more efficient, allowing you to free up resources and get more done.

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Looking to outsource your mail?

Send, track, and automate mail processes from anywhere directly from your desk.

With the ongoing trend for employees working from home, the need for efficient and auditable communications from remote workstations is essential. By outsourcing your mail to a central hub where mail can be delivered either physically or electronically you save the hassle and uncertainty associated with documents being created and sent out. With templated documents, full delivery tracking and automatic workflows it couldn’t be easier. Take a look at our cloud-based document delivery solution to find out more.


Data Automation

Scan your incoming documents automatically with key information intelligently extracted into searchable databases for immediate availability throughout your organisation.

Customer Communication

Customer satisfaction and repeat business is important, and an investment in high quality customer communication is key. Offer your customers a variety of ways to communicate using their chosen channel.


Your organisation relies on established workflows to keep your business moving and your data processes understood by everyone. Don’t let yours become outdated as your company grows.

Enterprise Content Management

Imagine if all of your incoming documents could be automatically scanned, with key data intelligently extracted and stored in a searchable CRM database. This is just a part of what ECM can do for your business.


Get the most out of your communication handling, optimise your outgoing communications to respond to incoming communications at the same rate they arrive and in the same format – paper or digital.


Managing your inbound communication is not only appreciated by customers but also expected in an increasingly mobile focussed world. Collect, sort and distribute your incoming communication.

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