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Has your mailroom equipment stopped working, or started displaying a mystery error code?

Take a look through this list of most frequently asked questions which should help you without even needing to pick up the phone.

Our support team is always happy to answer your questions, and their knowledge and experience with mailroom equipment solves many problems over the phone, so if you can’t find the answer here, we’re happy to speak to you…

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Mailroom machine not working as it should?

Just look through these FAQs to see if the question has been answered before, most problems are solved by just looking here

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We're here to help

If you can’t find the answer, just give us a call and if we need to send an engineer we’ll get that sorted for you too

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Important changes to franking machines

Royal Mail requires all franking machines to be upgraded to MailMark franking.

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Abbreviations used in the “Rate Wizard”

Having trouble updating your franking rates on your Rate Wizard? take a look at this guide explaining what the abbreviations mean.

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Troubleshooting for the TFi-35

Having issues with your TFi-35 folder inserter machine? Take a look at this simple run-through of some of the most common problems and how to resolve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download my Slogan/Logo/ERA? material-symbols_arrow-drop-down
  1. MODEM/LAN instructions:
  2. Press MENU then scroll down to option 13 ‘supervisor’
  3. Enter supervisor pin and press OK
  4. Select ‘Online Services’ and press OK
  5. Select ‘Generic Call’ and press OK
  6. Press OK once ‘Generic Call’ completed
  7. Press back arrow once
  8. Select ‘Default User Settings’
  9. Select ‘Default Imprint Parameters’
  10. Please check all of the following to find your slogan Default ERA / Slogan / PPI
  11. Press OK
  12. From the list select your slogan and press OK
  13. Press Power button twice to restart the machine, your slogan will
  14. now be successfully loaded
PC Meter Link instructions material-symbols_arrow-drop-down
  1. First make sure your franking machine is on and displaying the “Home” screen
  2. Open the PC meter link software on your PC
  3. Click on the “Online services” tab on the left
  4. Click on the “OLS Generic call” button
  5. Wait for “Transaction Successful” message
  6. On your franking machine press “Menu”
  7. Select “Supervisor” and press “OK”
  8.  Enter your supervisor pin and press “OK”
  9. Select “Default User Settings” and press “OK”
  10. Select “Default Imprints Parameters” and press “OK”
  11. Select “Slogan” / “Default ERA” and press “OK”
  12. Select your slogan from the list and press “OK”
  13. Press the “Sleep” button twice
How do I enter a Manual Amount? material-symbols_arrow-drop-down
  1. Press Menu and Type 1 or select the path: > Imprint
  2. Highlight Type and press OK
  3. Change Type from normal to Manual
  4. Return to the Home Screen
  5. Enter Manual Amount
  6. It may then come up with a message saying high value – ignore this and press ok
  7. To change type back, change from Manual back to Normal or switch the Franking Machine off and on.
How do I reset the weighing platform on a TFM240/280? material-symbols_arrow-drop-down
  1. Press Menu
  2. Batch Settings – OK
  3. Then Number 2– re-set WP then OK
How do I make a Generic Call? material-symbols_arrow-drop-down
  1. Press Menu
  2. Option 9 (Online Services)
  3. Then select Generic Call from the list and press OK
  4. It should say schedule a Generic call
Updating the time on your Mailmark machine material-symbols_arrow-drop-down

As you may be aware, your Mailmark machine changes the visible date printed at 5pm every day, in line with requirements from the Royal Mail. When the clocks go back one hour weekend, your machine will require a download in order to ensure the time chip inside is updated to reflect the change. This action will be required on the Monday after every clock change, the October clock change is the most important in this instance. It is easily updated. Simply following the instructions below and the update will be completed within 2 minutes:

  1.  Ensure your machine is connected to the LAN.
  2. Press the Recredit Button on your Quick Keys (image of coins).
  3. Select > Credit (or press 2).
  4.  If the system asks for a PIN code, enter the code using the keypad and press [OK].
  5. The Credit Screen is displayed.
  6. Enter £0.00
  7. Press [OK] – this will now connect you to the system.
  8.  The update will be applied and the connection will close.

Please note, you can do this at the same time as applying funds if you wish, but it is not required for completing the update.

What do I do when my Machine has a message “PSD Locked”? material-symbols_arrow-drop-down

Your Franking Machine will display ‘PSD Locked’ if the machine has not connected to the funding server within the specified date limit for the type of machine you have (7 days for Mailmark metered machines, 60 days for all other machines). To clear this message your machine must therefore connect and communicate to the Credifon funding server. This can be achieved by performing an “Audit Call” as follows;

  • Press the Coins Key
  • Select Option 3 “Audit”
  • Press OK to confirm Audit transaction
  • The Machine will display “Meter Resetting, Audit Transaction in progress”
  • If successful the machine will confirm transaction and return to the Credit menu.
  • Press the “Home” key and your machine should be ready to Frank

If the Audit Call is unsuccessful please contact Twofold Customer Support on 0118 951 9800 or

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