Efficient, cost effective Mailroom Equipment

Get the most from your mailroom and free up your staff

Whether you’re receiving documents or sending documents out through the mail; the task of having to separate multi-part forms, or validate secure documents is a laborious task that takes up valuable staff resources.

We may often dream of the day when a paperless office is a reality, but the truth is that at some point in the document handling process there are going to be hard copies to deal with.


Mailroom equipment solutions

  • For incoming post Twofold Ltd provides letter openers for fast and easy post distribution.
  • For outgoing post, you can expect folder inserters, franking machines, pressure sealers, paper folders and address printers – all designed to provide maximum productivity with minimum fuss.
  • Multi-part forms can be separated in a fraction of the usual time using our range of bursters, decollators, cutters and combined machines.
  • Our range of secure solutions can minimise the risks of fraudulent alterations to company cheques, or the duplication of confidential documents – providing greater security and peace of mind.


Efficient and cost effective Mailroom Equipment

From franking machines to folder inserters, our range of physical mailroom equipment is designed to enable businesses to capitalise on their preferred communication methods – in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way.

Whether your focus is on improving incoming mail, outgoing mail or forms handling, we have the equipment to help you.


Just some of the benefits of an automated document handling process:

  • Enhanced efficiency within each department
  • Increased productivity without the additional costs
  • Better use of staff resources resulting in improved staff morale
  • Greater communications between you and your customers
  • Professional company image projected with every item sent
  • Rapid Return On Investment for maximum cost cutting benefits
  • Increased security and control

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Mailroom Equipment Support

Have you got an older machine and need support and maintenance?

From time to time Twofold discontinue products so that we can provide you with the latest machines. Where possible, we will continue to provide you with maintenance for these older machines to keep you in business.


How to get in touch to discuss an upgrade or order consumables

If you are interested in an upgrade of our discontinued machines or need ink, spare parts or envelopes, please contact customer support at support@twofold.co.uk or 0118 951 9800.


Folder Inserters

Twofold Ltd’s range of folding inserter machines can handle a wide variety of letters, forms, inserts and brochures as well as envelopes to revolutionise your mailroom.Read More »

Pressure Sealers

Our Pressure Sealers fold and seal single sheets of continuous or cut sheet forms, providing you with an efficient and secure solution for producing confidential documents ready for posting.Read More »

Franking Machines

Franking Machines from Twofold Ltd are easy to operate, whisper quiet and come in a range of sizes – suitable for anyone from a small Ebay seller, right up to the capability to process up to 150 letters a minute.Read More »

Address Printers

Our address printers apply names and addresses quickly, and can also overprint envelopes with eye-catching marketing messages and imagery – increasing the chances of your mail being opened.Read More »


We can provide you with a wide range of scanner hardware and software solutions to solve almost any of your business needs, from basic ad-hoc scanning to full production environments.Read More »


We offer a wide selection of machine compatible and bespoke envelopes in a range of sizes, all designed to enhance our machines, ensuring maximum product performance and longevity.Read More »

Forms Handling

Twofold Ltd offers a range of automated form handling solutions that automatically process forms in a fraction of the time it takes to perform the same task manually.Read More »

Document Security

We offer a range of secure solutions that can minimise the risks of fraudulent alterations or duplication, and bring back that peace of mind you deserve.Read More »

Supported Products

From time to time we discontinue products so that we can provide you with the latest machines. Where possible we continue to provide you with maintenance for these machines.Read More »

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