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What is a Folder Inserter machine?

Also known as a ‘paper folding machine’, ‘envelope stuffer’ or even a ‘letter stuffer’, a folder inserter is a vital part of your busy mailroom.

Whatever you decide to call them, their primary purpose is to fold and insert documents into envelopes quickly and efficiently, sealing them securely ready to post.

Each Twofold document folding machine will quickly and neatly fold documents, leaflets, flyers, or pre-folded promotional materials, insert them into your envelopes and securely seal them ready to post. When combined with other mailroom equipment such as a letter opener, franking machines and outbound document management software, you’ll have an efficient mailroom, and free up valuable time to deal with other duties.

In addition to the time-saving capabilities of these machines, they come equipped with full-page Contact Image Sensor (CIS) scanning technology, this can read any type of coding including optical mark, optical character, and 1D and 2D data matrix barcodes. Because the scanner reads the entire area of the page, codes can be printed anywhere on the document and read horizontally or vertically.

If your staff currently spend time folding letters and stuffing envelopes by hand, you’ll be amazed at what even the low-volume machines can do for both your business and staff morale. Set the machine up, and allow your staff to get on and manage their day without the menial tasks taking up valuable time.

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What are the benefits of a Twofold Folder Inserter?

Save money with Twofold Ltd

Cost saving efficiency

Our smallest Folder Inserter machine can process up to 1,350 items per hour – 13 times faster than the average member of staff. Folder inserters can also reduce out-going mail costs by simply folding items into smaller envelopes to benefit from cheaper Royal Mail tariffs.
Compliance assured with Twofold Ltd

Professional presentation

Twofold Folder Inserters ensure your mailroom achieves crisp, precise folds, accurately collated inserts and correctly positioned addresses in every window envelope.
Automation of processes from Twofold Ltd

Complete automation

Save time by linking your Twofold Folder Inserter with one of our Franking Machines, not only saving hours of time but also reducing your postage costs.
Peace of mind from Twofold Ltd

Security and peace of mind

By printing a coded set of marks on your documents such as a barcode, the Folder Inserter’s Optical Mark Recognition software will ensure the correct number and type of documents are inserted into each envelope automatically, ensuring the right documents go to the right recipient.
Low noise mailing machines from Twofold Ltd

Compact design and low noise levels

Folder Inserters are designed to fit into any office or post room environment as well as being secure and easy to use.
TFi-40i fiolder inserter from Twofold Ltd
TFi-40i fiolder inserter from Twofold Ltd

What else do I get with my new folder inserter?

  • Expert advice from over 20 years’ experience
  • Delivery, installation, and user training included
  • Nationwide engineer servicing and support

Keep your folder inserter running with envelope sealing fluid

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Are you prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018 and means that anyone who breaches data security, e.g. a letter in the wrong envelope, could now face up to 4% of their turnover as a fine.

Every UK business must comply with this regulation, and the Government has confirmed this will be the case post Brexit. We have Output Management Software and physical equipment to automate these tasks, so speak with our team at Twofold Ltd to make sure your mailroom equipment is capable of effectively managing your outgoing mail.

Read more in our GDPR blog post >>


Twofold software solutions for business transformation

Alongside our physical mailroom equipment, we also supply and support world leading software to automate, and optimise your performance as we partner with world leading document management providers Kofax and OnBase by Hyland. From a robot designed tasked to work on repetitive spreadsheet work, to enterprise content management software – speak to us to see how we can help you keep ahead of your competitors and transform your business.

Do you need to gain greater control of your data in a post Brexit world? Our consultants can help with software that enables you to control where your data is, who can see it, and a complete audit of the journey.

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Case Study

Price, features, lead times and above all service were key to leading law firm


One of the largest full service law firms in the world, with 38 offices across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. The company specialises in legal services for commercial, corporate, human sources, legal systems, litigation, dispute management and real estate.


With 20,000 to 60,000 items to mail each week and an unreliable machine from another supplier, the law firm needed to get a new machine with excellent back up and support.

Office use

tfi-40i pod
tfi-63 folder inserter from Twofold Ltd
TFi 64i folder inserter pod

Busy Mailrooms

tfi-85i 300 x 200
TFi-95i folder inserter from Twofold Ltd

Production Mailrooms

tfi-200i folder inserter

Folder Inserter consumables

You can buy your folder inserter consumables directly from our online store, or simply call our team on 0118 951 9800 to discuss the full range of accessories available for your machine.

If you just need to neatly and efficiently fold documents, you could try one of our compact Paper Folders, ideal for promotional materials, flyers, internal printed documents folded much quicker and consistently than by hand. Twofold also offer a wide range of high quality machine compatible envelopes, fully tested to provide optimum performance through a folder inserter whilst presenting a professional image. Our envelope team can supply bespoke sizes and window positions, and over printing options along with many other packaging options for your post.

We source the best folding products available today from a range of manufacturers including Superfax and Silver Reed.

If you don’t see the model you need please call us as we have access to a much wider range and can discuss your individual requirement in much greater detail – including a demonstration at your office.



Individual electoral roll documents

An A3 paper folder is ideal for processing IER documents. We have previously demonstrated a fully automatic model at the AEA conferences in Brighton and Blackpool, if you missed these demonstrations, please let us know and we can send you the information by email.

Read more about the benefits of folder inserters in our blog

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