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TFi-40i Folder Inserter


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What can the TFi-40i Folder Inserter do?

The TFi-40i folder inserter machine is a fast, easy, and efficient mailing solution for organisations of any size. From invoices to mailshots, it folds, inserts, and seals your mail items at the touch of a button.

Create a professional image for your business by ensuring your documents are neatly folded, and your addresses are correctly located. The machine will collate, fold and present your documents in the correct order before inserting them cleanly into the envelope. This simple process saves hours of manual labour and completes tasks in just a few minutes, freeing you up to focus on other important duties.

How many Envelopes can the TFi-40i Folder Inserter Machine Process?

This machine can process up to 1,350 mail items within an hour, equivalent to about 5,000 envelopes filled per month. It is ten times faster than folding and inserting by hand. The TFi-40i is designed to fold, insert and seal the envelopes, saving you time and effort. It can also handle up to three inserts per envelope, allowing it to work silently in the background.

Key Features

Compatible with DL & C5 envelopes
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Ability to send remittances, invoices and mailshots
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Desktop size and quiet operation

Specification for the TFi-40i Folder Inserter

Weight 37kg
Dimensions 658 x 420 x 540 mm
Speed per hour 1350
Insert/BRE feeder 1
Fold types v
Sheet feeders 2
Colour touch screen YES
Envelope size C5, D6, DL
Job memory 15

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