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TFi-95i Folder Inserter

Revolutionise Document Management

For decades the only way for an organisation to store information was to keep physical copies of documents in filing cabinets. Even with the introduction of space-saving ideas like the microfiche, these took up valuable space, and it was easy to lose records and have duplicated documents, searching for the right document was also a challenge in itself


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Adaptable, User-Friendly, & Smart


Customise the TFi-95i with up to seven feed stations to process a wide range of business applications, document sizes, and combinations.

The machine is capable of folding, inserting and sealing up to 10 folded documents in a single envelope. It can be extended from 2 to 7 stations to handle larger mail volumes. The Load 'n' Go feature on the full-coloured touch screen makes it easy and quick to set up the job. The machine's versatile folder is a key component and can handle stiffer materials like booklets.

The TFi-95i is equipped with a range of optional software features that enhance its efficiency and security. One such feature is Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), which automates the process of inserting the correct number of documents. This feature is particularly useful for handling financial and confidential mail.

How Many Documents can the TFi-95i Process Per Hour?

Our TFi-95i model is a highly efficient folder inserter that can process up to 4,300 items per hour. It is designed to handle high-volume mailing needs and is ideal for businesses that require frequent mailings.

Key Features

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Colour touch screen with storage for 50 preconfigured jobs
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Collate and fold up to 10 pages together
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Drive revenue with personalised customer engagement

Specification for the TFi-95i Folder Inserter

Speed per hour up to 4,300
Monthly volume 80,000
Exit Options Catch Tray/HCVS/side exit
Fold types Letter, Z-fold, single, double, parallel, no fold
Feeder configuration up to 7
Colour touch screen yes
Document feeder capacity 725
Job memory 50
Dimensions 1270 x 508 x 737 mm

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Typical benefits of a digital mailroom in banking:

  • Mortgage document processing
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