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Want to save up to 38% on your postage costs?

The average user of a Twofold Franking Machine receives over 30% discount on every piece of mail they send. This makes it significantly cheaper to send franked mail rather than using stamps, and with a mailmark franking machine you are able to make even more savings on your posted letters and parcels.

Twofold is a Royal Mail Approved franking machine supplier and maintainer, so you’ll have complete peace of mind in the knowledge that you’re getting the best machine, the latest savings, the reliable maintenance to keep your machine operational – and your business running without delays. With a franking machine in the office (or home) it’s like having your local Post Office right there when you need it. Ideal for both small businesses and larger organisations with a range of franking machines suitable for entry-level franking to high volume post.

You can take advantage of the ability of Smart Franking Machines to calculate your VAT on sent post automatically. This is really useful, as the VAT on franked post can be confusing, leading to mistakes in the amount paid. The importance of having a Smart franking machine is even more important as, since 2012, unless you have a smart franking machine you are unable to reclaim your VAT. At Twofold we supply a range of Smart enabled machines, and our experts will guide you through which machines are enabled, and the right machine for your business needs.



10 Benefits of Mailmark Franking – read our blog to see why you need Mailmark>>

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Need To Know More?

Important changes to franking machines – Royal Mail requires all franking machines to be upgraded to MailMark franking

In order to improve their operational efficiencies, Royal Mail is replacing the traditional crown die indicia with the machine-readable bar code system ‘MailMark’. This means that they will be removing the option to use these older machines for your franking, and Royal Mail will only accept franked mail from customers who use a Mailmark Franking machine.

Whatever your mailing volume, we have a Franking solution for your business

You can choose from a range of Royal Mail Approved Franking Machines (sometimes referred to as a Postage meter machine), suitable for any business size and mail output from entry level of around 50 items of mail per day, up to high volume of 2,000. Find out more about the individual machine specifications in the links below, and just call or submit an enquiry to let us do the rest.

Check to find the latest franking prices. Start making savings, and make tracking your postage spending a lot easier.

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Postage savings on a standard letter up to 100g

First Class

Second Class




Standard Franking



Saving per letter



MailMark Franking



Saving per letter



What is a Franking machine?

A franking machine (sometimes referred to as a postal meter machine) allows you to pre-pay your postage costs with a direct link to Royal Mail. They not only frank your letters and parcels, but weigh, and display the cost with the built in postage meter.

This saves you time, effort and money as you’ll be able to manage your mail tariffs and postage directly from your home or office, and prevent waiting time at the post office.

Franking Machines from Twofold Ltd are easy to operate, whisper quiet, and come in a range of sizes from entry level to high volume machines – suitable for anyone from a small Ebay seller working from home, right up to the capability to process up to 150 letters a minute, each with the correct postage, all handled by your franking machine.

TFm-360 Franking Machine
The TFm-360 Franking Machine integrates smoothly into your office.

Looking for franking inks and labels? Take a look at our online shop to get all you need to keep your franking machine running.

Save money with Twofold Ltd

Cost saving efficiency

You will receive a 8p discount for every 1st Class letter you send and 11p for every 2nd Class letter.

You will also receive huge savings of up to £1.38 on a 2kg medium parcel, making it significantly cheaper to send franked mail using a Twofold Franking Machine rather than using stamps.

  • Save 8p on every 1st class letter
  • Save 11p on every 2nd class letter
  • Never pay more than is required with your integrated postal scales


Save more with Mailmark from Royal Mail

MailMark. is a new technology, which brings you into the next generation of of mail. The mailmark barcode replaces the traditional ‘town and crown’ die franking mark with a 2D barcode that carries machine readable information on the user and mailpiece. If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can save money and make sending post easier with a Mailmark franking machine, read more here.

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Problems with your franking price upgrade or have a strange error message on your franking machine display?

Take a look at our franking FAQs page.

Discover more Franking Machine range

Low volume Franking machines

tfm-280c franking machine
TFm-iX3 franking machine
TFm-360 product image
tfm-220 franking machine
tfm-110 franking machine from Twofold Ltd
tfm-160 franking machine from Twofold Ltd
sendpro c franking machine from Twofold Ltd
sendpro plus franking machine from Twofold Ltd

Mid volume Franking machines

TFm-iX5 franking machine
tfm-600 franking machine from Twofold Ltd
TFm-400 franking machine from Twofold Ltd

High volume Franking machines

TFm-700 franking machines from Twofold Ltd
TFm-iX7 franking machine
TFm-6000 franking machine from Twofold Ltd
TFm2000 franking machine from Twofold
TFm-300 franking machine from Twofold Ltd

You may be interested in these weigh platforms

tfw3 weigh platform from Twofold Ltd
tfw5 weigh platform from Twofold Ltd
tfw10 weigh platform from Twofold Ltd

Smart technology for smarter businesses

Featuring advanced technology, you can use your Twofold franking machine create the right first impression by printing logos and customised slogans directly on to your mail items.

All postal rates and services are stored in the machine’s memory and are automatically calculated via integrated scales or weigh platforms – minimising costly mistakes.

Franking machines can even connect directly to folder inserters, computers and printers ensuring any efficiency and cost savings are maintained right up to the last stage of your document’s journey. Find out more about how you can modernise your entire mailroom with folder inserters, letter openers and document scanning and management software from Twofold Ltd.

If you’re looking at business transformation with time saving automation machines, you may also be interested in software to help you manage your data and documents. Twofold partner with world leading software providers Kofax and OnBase to keep you ahead of the competition. If you want to find out more about Robotic Process Automation software, or how your HR department can keep your  employees positively engaged with onboarding, speak to our consultants today.


Thinking of outsourcing your outgoing communications?

For many businesses, especially larger ones with staff located at remote locations, outsourcing your mail delivery is a good option. With a centralised hub for sending out mail, and templated documents that keep brand consistency and data compliance in mind, many organisations find that it helps with efficiency, and prevents human error. To find out more about our multi-channel document delivery solution, just take a look and get in touch with any questions.


Did you know we also supply envelopes?

If you have a Franking Machine, then you’ll be using envelopes, and you’ll need them to be machine compatible, consistent, and you’ll want them at the best price. The envelope team at Twofold are here to help you get the best envelopes and at the price you want. To find out about the range of secure, overprinted and window envelopes available, just call to speak to them and start making savings today.

A few more reasons to try a franking machine

  1. Convenience – Save on trips to the post office and prepare all your post with the correct rates right in your office.
  2. Save on time – No more endless applying stamps to your post with a franking machine.
  3. Online postage replenishment – top up your postage 24/7 from your office.
  4. Save money – Always pay the latest and most accurate rates for your post, no more multiple stamps.
  5. Better housekeeping – Postage funds are locked into your meter, not as stamps in your desk drawer.
  6. Budget control – Track expenditure across multiple accounts to see where your money is spent.
  7. More professional – Use franking labels to address odd sizes and shapes, rather than covering in stamps.
  8. Faster delivery – Franked mail moves through the postal system much quicker and easier.
  9. Company image – Smaller businesses appear larger and more prominent with franked mail.
  10. Free advertising – Add logos and marketing messages directly to your post, and increase open rates.

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Case study

Twofold increased efficiency and productivity for one of the UK’s largest insurance companies


One of the largest life and non-life insurance companies in the UK, with around 8 million policyholders and over 6,000 employees across the UK.


The company wanted to improve efficiency by decreasing the amount of time it took to process documents that arrived via post, and to reduce the amount of paper documents that went missing through being passed around offices.

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