Automatic Letter Openers and Extractors from Twofold Ltd

Is opening your post slowing you down?

With a Twofold Mail opener, you can deliver your mail from the post room to your desk quickly and efficiently. Our automatic Letter Openers will open your mail quickly and safely without damaging the contents. This machine is very popular with our customers, especially those who’ve previously had to spend hours opening mail by hand. The mail is opened quickly, cleanly and mess free, while you can get on with other duties – just pick up your opened mail.

With the addition of a letter extractor you can leave the entire opening and extraction process to your mailroom equipment. Many of our mail openers also include the extractor functionality, meaning you have the benefit of two machines in one – saving you time, and space in the mailroom.

Your mailroom’s efficiency and productivity can be dramatically improved with our automated Letter Extractor that open three sides of the envelope and extract the contents for you.

Our Letter Extractor can also be linked to conveyors allowing for larger volumes of mail to be processed by more than one operator.

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What are the benefits of an automated letter opener?

Save time with letter openers from Twofold Ltd

Save time opening mail

Fast delivery of documents with Twofold Ltd

Deliver mail to the right departments quicker

Neatly opened envelopes with a letter opener from Twofold Ltd

Precisely slit one side so valuable documents are undamaged

Reduce paper waste with letter openers from Twofold Ltd

Accurate opening methods mean minimal waste

Sort and manage documents easily with Twofold Ltd

Handle missed mail without pre-sorting

TF0-3025 letter opener
The TF0-3025 Letter Opener is perfect for office use.

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Case study

Departments all saving time and money using a single document capture platform


This particular council situated in the south east region is one of the largest employers in England with an annual budget of £800 million.


Like many authorities this council was ‘running on paper’. Receiving over a million documents a year by paper or email they needed to be keyed into core council systems then the document stored in the enterprise wide EDRMS.

Low volumes

TF0-3025 letter opener

TFo-3025 Letter Opener

The TFo-3025 uses an innovative method of opening mail, by creating a neat slit on one side of the envelope, leaving no sharp borders. The contents are left undamaged and ensures safe handling for the user, whilst giving easy access to the contents of the envelope.

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Mid volumes

TFo 3056 letter opener

TFo-3056 Letter Opener

If you need to open your mail and get the contents to the user as quickly and as effortlessly as possible, you need a Twofold TFo-3056 Letter Opener.


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High volumes

TFo 3066 letter opener

TFo-3066 Letter Opener

The Twofold TFo-3066 lets you open your mail and retrieve the contents as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Give us a call on 0118 9519 800 to discuss the Counter option on this machine which can be used to keep track of how many letters you open per day, and to ensure the safe carriage of letters from delivery to department.


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TFo 3068 letter opener

TFo-3068 Letter Opener

The TFo-3068 Letter Opener is a high speed milling cutter, capable of handling a wide range of envelope types and sizes.


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TFo 3078 letter opener

TFo-3078 Letter Opener

The Twofold TFo-3078 Letter Opener lets you open your mail and retrieve the contents as quickly and effortlessly as possible.


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Letter Extractors

TFe 35 letter extractor

TFe-35 Letter Extractor

The TFe-35 letter extractor, is a high speed letter opener that also extracts the contents of an envelope, at a rate of 2,000 items per hour. It also has a variable speed control that can be altered to suit the operator.


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