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Invoice Automation for
Efficiency and Accuracy

Based in Reading, Berkshire, Twofold Ltd helps organisations like yours to succeed and become more efficient
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Invoice Automation for
Efficiency and Accuracy

Based in Reading, Berkshire, Twofold Ltd helps organisations like yours to succeed and become more efficient
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Invoice Automation for
Efficiency and Accuracy

Based in Reading, Berkshire, Twofold Ltd helps organisations like yours to succeed and become more efficient

Optimise your retail business with digital processes

With retail sales shifting more towards online activity, the ability to add value to your product offering is more important than ever.

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Typical benefits of a digital mailroom in banking:

  • Mortgage document processing
  • Mortgage document processing
  • Mortgage document processing
  • Mortgage document processing
  • Mortgage document processing

Twofold has been chosen by the world’s leading brands to deliver solutions to optimise business processes, reduce costs and offer increased customer service. With ever-increasing demands on your margin, continual increases in costs and an inability to squeeze the supply chain any further the only option is to streamline and automate manual and non-value added task.

Whether you are looking to streamline back-office functions like HR and AP, automate supply chain activities or improve customer service, complaint management or returns and warranties Twofold Ltd can help.

Digital Mailroom for Insurance

Along with your document management system, take full control of your incoming and outgoing communications with a digital mailroom process. If you’re struggling with time-consuming and error-prone manual processes, with customer communications being handled from a range of devices and media, then it’s time to look at the digital mailroom to help identify, classify, route, store, and share your documents efficiently.

Case Study Team member onboarding

Domino’s Serves up Seamless Corporate Team Member Onboarding with a New Mobile App

Domino’s ditched the paper and launched a mobile app that allows teams to capture documents from new hires with their smartphones—powered by the Kofax Mobile Capture Platform. Going mobile has saved human resources 100 person-hours a week and transformed corporate team member onboarding into a more convenient and compliant process.

The Challenge

Domino’s is a pioneer in the pizza delivery space—whether it’s inventing exciting new menu items or new ways to order, including a voice-enabled smartphone app, the brand is always looking for ways to shape a more convenient and rewarding experience for customers.

However, when it came to Domino’s own human resources (HR) procedures for corporate team member onboarding, the company recognized there was room for improvement.

Melissa Laney, Team Leader, Compliance at Domino’s Pizza LLC, explained, “We onboard thousands of new team members every year in our corporate stores in the US alone. When we hire a new team member, we must collect various types of information, including Employment Eligibility Verification forms, identity documents, tax forms, and more. It’s vital that we capture complete and correct documentation—failure to collect a key piece of paperwork or accept a form with erroneous information could cause compliance issues.

“Our old approach to team member onboarding was mostly paper-driven—opening us up to delays and dulling productivity. Once a new hire brought in their paperwork, teams in store would have to travel to one of our regional offices to submit the documents for scanning and processing. There, HR teams would spend hours getting the paperwork scanned and imported to our online file repository. We calculated that we were spending 80 hours a week just sorting and scanning paper. It was not a very efficient process, as we had lots of paper moving between different locations.”

She added, “Domino’s has put a lot of effort into positioning itself as an innovative, technology-driven brand, and relying on these paper-driven processes really didn’t fit that image. Our customers can order pizza from their smartwatch, but our corporate teams were still handling stacks of paper—it certainly didn’t offer the best first impression to our new hires. We knew there had to be a better way to work with information.”

The Solution

Domino’s has brought new hire onboarding for its corporate stores into the digital age with help from Kofax. The company used Kofax Mobile Capture to build a mobile app that makes it quick and easy to capture information from team member onboarding paperwork

“When I started looking for a mobile capture solution, I noticed that a lot of providers leveraged the Kofax Mobile Capture SDK as the basis for their offerings, and required us to essentially develop an app from the ground up,” recalled Laney. “We wanted something that we could start using straight out of the box, and Kofax Mobile Capture definitely met that requirement. And Kofax offered very competitive pricing, which was a big selling point for us.”

In just three months, Domino’s was up-and-running with the new mobile capture solution. Working with Kofax, the company performed extensive testing and thorough security checks of the application.

Laney said, “We have very rigorous information security standards at Domino’s and our team really put the Kofax solution to the test. Kofax helped us to make some modifications to the app to ensure it met our high standards, and we have a very secure solution in place today thanks to their help.”

Today, the new hire onboarding process for corporate stores is much easier. Staff simply take a photo of the required hiring documentation using their company smartphone, then the Kofax software automatically extracts and validates the information before uploading it to the company’s online file repository. HR teams can access the electronic document images from directly within the company’s core human capital management system, used to manage HR operations across the corporate business.

The new app has inspired positive feedback from teams, and Domino’s is currently working to expand the platform to cover other HR-related processes for its corporate stores.

“We’ve had a very good reception from the business for the mobile capture app,” remarked Laney. “Our people find the app very easy to use and they really appreciate how much smoother the onboarding process is today.”

The Results

Domino’s has freed its HR teams from shuffling paper, helping them process new hire documentation faster than ever before—delivering newfound visibility into information and making it easier for the company to ensure its corporate hiring practices comply with internal standards and external regulations.

Laney stated, “In the past, it took us an average of one to two days to get new hire documents into our system. Since introducing Kofax Mobile Capture, we have shortened that timeframe to as little as five minutes. This helps our HR team to be much more proactive when working with information. As we now have near-instant visibility into documents, it’s much easier to spot gaps or discrepancies, and take action fast. This helps us to ensure that we are capturing the correct documentation for new corporate hires and managing the entire hiring process in an effective and compliant way.”

The new approach is saving the HR team hundreds of person-hours a week—as well as a considerable sum of money previously spent on paper—helping them keep pace as Domino’s grows.

“We estimate that we are saving about 100 person-hours a week thanks to Kofax solutions,” commented Laney. “Our staff are no longer burdened by sorting, scanning, validating and shipping mountains of paper, and we’re saving a small forest because we no longer have to keep printing and copying documents.

“Before, we were always playing catch-up when it came to managing the onboarding process—there was just so much paper that needed to be dealt with, and we could never seem to get on top of it all. Today, that’s all changed with Kofax—we’re doing more than just keeping up, we are working proactively to make sure we’re managing information and our people as effectively as possible. And that’s helping HR to be a better partner to the business.”

With quick and easy corporate team member onboarding—driven by powerful mobile technology—Domino’s can strengthen its image as a forward-looking, digitally savvy enterprise.

Laney concluded, “Kofax solutions have transformed the way we manage the new hire process. We’re not stuck in the past or buried in paper anymore; we have a slick mobile app that makes the onboarding process much quicker and convenient for everyone involved. And it helps us make a great first impression with new corporate team members. Kofax has really helped bring us into the 21st century in terms of how we manage our content, and we are looking forward to building on this foundation to drive even more efficient ways of working in the future.”