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TFo-3025 Letter Opener 

Revolutionise Document Management

For decades the only way for an organisation to store information was to keep physical copies of documents in filing cabinets. Even with the introduction of space-saving ideas like the microfiche, these took up valuable space, and it was easy to lose records and have duplicated documents, searching for the right document was also a challenge in itself

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Automatically Open Your Mail with a Letter Opener

The TFo-3025 employs a highly innovative technique for opening mail. It creates a clean cut on one side of the envelope, eliminating any sharp edges. This method ensures that the contents of the envelope remain intact, and the user can handle them safely. With this technique, accessing the contents of the envelope becomes incredibly easy. 

The TFo-3025 uses an innovative method of opening mail by creating a neat slit on one side of the envelope, leaving no sharp borders. The content is left undamaged and ensures safe handling for the user while giving easy access to the envelope's contents. 


How Many Envelopes can the TFo-3025 Process?

The TFo-3025 is a versatile envelope-opening machine that can handle all types and sizes of envelopes up to 4mm thick. With the capacity to open up to 300 envelopes a minute, it is a quick and reliable solution for busy mailrooms. The machine's unique method of opening envelopes eliminates waste, keeps the work area clean, and prevents potential paper jams. Its compact size makes it ideal for use in spaces with limited desk space, and it's easy to move and store. The operator needs to load and unload the envelopes, and the feeder and stacker capacity allows the machine to continue running during the entire process.



What are the Benefits?

Twofold no sharp edges icon copy
The machine does not leave sharp borders 
Twofold mixed mail icon copy
Handles mixed mail without pre-sorting 
Twofold no paper icon copy
Eliminates paper littered around the office

Specification for the TFo-3025 Letter Opener

Speed per minute 300
Feeder capacity 10
Dimensions 825 x 250 x 390 mm 
Envelope thickness 4 mm
Maximum envelope thickness up to 10 mm
Envelope conveyor Yes
Weight 7 kg

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Typical benefits of a digital mailroom in banking:

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