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TFo-3078 Letter Opener

Revolutionise Document Management

For decades the only way for an organisation to store information was to keep physical copies of documents in filing cabinets. Even with the introduction of space-saving ideas like the microfiche, these took up valuable space, and it was easy to lose records and have duplicated documents, searching for the right document was also a challenge in itself

IM-27 Letter Opener Office

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Commercial Level, Automatic Letter Opener

This top-of-the-line, high-speed automatic letter opener gives you total control over your letter opening. The milling cutter technology allows for soft edges, preventing paper cuts. The included waste bin helps dispose of paper chips to keep the area clean. The 3078 Letter opener also has a reverse flow conveyor to return opened envelopes back under the feed ramp, allowing for higher output. 


TFo-3078 Letter Opening Machine

The TFo-3078 Letter Opener lets you open your mail and retrieve the contents quickly and effortlessly. The opener is a reliable and efficient machine with three powerful motors that ensure high performance and a longer lifespan. The user needs to load and unload the envelopes, while the large feeder and stacker capacity enables the machine to continue running during the entire process. This letter opener also features a reverse flow conveyor with a capacity of 500 envelopes, making it an essential tool for any busy mailroom. 

What are the Benefits?

Twofold mixed mail icon
Mixed thickness separator
Twofold Conveyor icon
Reverse flow conveyor
Twofold envelopes per hour icon
36,000 envelopes per hour

Specification for the TFo-3078 Letter Opener

Envelopes per hour 40,000
Feeder capacity 3kg. standard
Dimensions 1120 x 1060 x 780 mm
Envelope thickness 8mm
Envelope conveyor Yes
Conveyor capacity Up to 500
Weight 95 kg

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Typical benefits of a digital mailroom in banking:

  • Mortgage document processing
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