Corporate Social Responsibility


At Twofold Ltd, we’re committed to ensuring we are responsible, and aware of the needs of employees and the environment.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility as a business is to assess and take responsibility for the effects of the company on environmental and social well-being. We aim to meet goals that go beyond the measures required by regulators or environmental protection groups.

We fully embrace our social and environmental responsibilities, and we are committed to conducting business in ways that positively impact the world.

We aim to achieve success in the following areas:

  • Society – involvement in the local community, and charities
  • Environment – lowering emissions of CO2, improving efficiency
  • Economy – paying taxes, returning profits in the appropriate manner
  • Product responsibility – providing products of value, that are safe and manufactured responsibly
  • Labour & Human rights – Respecting the employee in the workplace, supporting diversity, and individuality

Environmental responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

We seek to improve our environmental performance, and we’re dedicated to managing our environmental policy. All employees are encouraged to help minimise our environmental impact.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

As a nationwide business, Twofold’s success depends on the capabilities, skills, and dedication of its employees. We are proud to pay our employees above minimum wage, and follow gender pay compliance.

Social Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility

We are committed to behaving responsibly as global citizens, and uphold the highest ideals of integrity, innovation and excellence in all we do. We support local charities and fundraise for our chosen yearly charities.

Twofold Ltd charity partnership

Along with our commitment to supporting local charities and community activities, though 2018/19 we decided to work with Clic Sargent to raise money for the support of children and their families suffering from cancer. We are currently looking at other charities to work with to continue helping those in need.

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Global Citizenship

We are committed to behaving responsibly as global citizens, and we uphold the highest ideals of integrity, innovation and excellence in all we do. Our aims cover sustainability, good work / life balance and diversity in the workplace. We align our goals for the environment, health and safety to make an impact across our services and offerings.


Together with our suppliers, customers and stakeholders, we strive to maintain the highest standards for preserving our environment and protecting and enhancing the health and safety of our employees and communities. We make continuous efforts to offer ever more innovative and environmental-friendly solutions.

Protecting Our Climate

Our world is precious and we want to protect it from the effects of climate change. To this end, we reduce our carbon footprint by cutting energy use, investing in product designs that conserve energy and lower greenhouse gas emissions, and offering digital multifunction printers and energy-efficient solutions to our customers.


Responsible Paper use

As part of our business is paper based, we believe in supporting the responsible use of natural resources. We ensure that wherever possible we not only supply products that are FSC approved, but that we have a policy for responsible paper usage with a sustainable paper cycle within the business.

Prevent and Manage Waste

Our aim is to supply products, packaging and supplies that make efficient use of resources, minimise waste, reuse material where feasible and recycle what can’t be reused. The preservation of the environment is also about the reduction of the impact from products and solutions delivered by the business.


Philanthropy and employee volunteering

Contributing to the local community is something we care about, and we help in different ways, from financial, to skills, or in-kind support. We’ve found that our involvement promotes sharing, social bonding and grows creativity and innovation, adding meaning to the daily work of employees.

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