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Public sector organisations are constantly seeking to improve the value that they deliver, often with limited resources.

Councils, health trusts, education and government offices have found that by working with Twofold Ltd they have dramatically reduced costs and the time taken to process documents. Having world-class processes in place not only helps to meet targets but will allow better use of yearly budgets and increase staff morale. Twofold is partnered with Kofax and can install robots to automate many of your manual processes and complete your Digital Mailroom – saving time and money.

By installing the latest mailroom equipment to handle paper-based documents, and integrating with world-leading software solutions, Twofold is almost unique in its ability to provide a complete process evaluation, supply the solution to resolve problems, and optimise the entire organisation. Alongside the traditional mailroom equipment such as franking machines and folder inserters, Twofold Ltd also supplies and maintains a range of security equipment, from payslip processing and cheque signers to metal detectors and x-ray machines for the protection of both personnel and premises.

Twofold has extensive experience of working with Public Sector customers and has many reference sites and testimonials.

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Kofax Claims Agility for Public Sector

Twofold Ltd has been appointed for Postal Goods, Services and Solutions in Lot 2: Franking Machines, Mailroom Equipment And Associated Consumables. See more on the Crown Commercial Service website.

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Cut costs and gain control of your workflow

Are you manually keying in data from documents? This is not only slow, but a costly process, you can gain more control, streamline digitisation and optimise the hand off to workflow with Kofax.

Allow your staff to make better use of their time to handle billing, user requests and deal with customers. By automating with the latest OCR and data processing software and building your Digital Mailroom you’ll be able to identify and resolve problems faster, and reduce operational costs.

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The key is finding the right balance for your organisation. By understanding the most effective process for paper and data, we can offer our clients innovative and tailor made solutions, resulting in an efficient and seamless customer experience.

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