Integrate data from Government portals

Agile and practical access to information from government portals and public websites

Twofold provides both hardware and software solutions for government departments, allowing a hassle free way to access information from government portals and public websites for a variety of government applications.

You’ll be able to rapidly implement automated, adaptable work processes that foster collaboration and provide continuous improvement in service delivery to your constituents. Our software solution Kofax is ideal for information integration and automation for citizen benefits, research, media analysis, open-source intelligence, and information sharing between departments and agencies.

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Our clients

• Buckingham Palace

• Glasgow City Council


• Liverpool City Council

• Oxford County Council

How we help

The key is finding the right balance for your organisation. By understanding the most effective process for paper and data, we can offer our clients innovative and tailor made solutions, resulting in an efficient and seamless customer experience.

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