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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. MODEM/LAN instructions:
  2. Press MENU then scroll down to option 13 ‘supervisor’
  3. Enter supervisor pin and press OK
  4. Select ‘Online Services’ and press OK
  5. Select ‘Generic Call’ and press OK
  6. Press OK once ‘Generic Call’ completed
  7. Press back arrow once
  8. Select ‘Default User Settings’
  9. Select ‘Default Imprint Parameters’
  10. Please check all of the following to find your slogan Default ERA / Slogan / PPI
  11. Press OK
  12. From the list select your slogan and press OK
  13. Press Power button twice to restart the machine, your slogan will
  14. now be successfully loaded
  1. First make sure your franking machine is on and displaying the “Home” screen
  2.  Open the PC meter link software on your PC
  3. Click on the “Online services” tab on the left
  4. Click on the “OLS Generic call” button
  5. Wait for “Transaction Successful” message
  6. On your franking machine press “Menu”
  7. Select “Supervisor” and press “OK”
  8.  Enter your supervisor pin and press “OK”
  9. Select “Default User Settings” and press “OK”
  10. Select “Default Imprints Parameters” and press “OK”
  11. Select “Slogan” / “Default ERA” and press “OK”
  12. Select your slogan from the list and press “OK”
  13. Press the “Sleep” button twice
  1. Press Menu and Type 1 or select the path: > Imprint
  2. Highlight Type and press OK
  3. Change Type from normal to Manual
  4. Return to the Home Screen
  5. Enter Manual Amount
  6. It may then come up with a message saying high value – ignore this and press ok
  7. To change type back, change from Manual back to Normal or switch the Franking Machine off and on.
  1. Press Menu
  2. Batch Settings – OK
  3. Then Number 2– re-set WP then OK
  1. Press Menu
  2. Option 9 (Online Services)
  3. Then select Generic Call from the list and press OK
  4. It should say schedule a Generic call

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