How can utilities companies remain competitive?

When your customers are always looking for the best deal, how do you attract them?

Utility companies deal with millions of customers in an increasingly competitive environment. With people always looking for the best deal, they may switch supplier at any time. Often it is not just the lowest cost provider that will be a deciding factor for which Utility company is chosen. If poor customer service leads to a poor experience, the customer is far more likely to be susceptible to your competitor’s offers. An organisation’s ability to provide first-class customer service can make the difference between success and failure.


The Solution

Twofold Ltd help utility companies by supplying mailroom equipment –  driving out the costs and inefficiencies of handling paper manually.

This reduced cost can be passed on to the customer and the resulting control and visibility of all documentation will also improve the overall customer experience.

Many of our Utility customers also utilise our ability to automate many of their legal, complaint and compliance processes.

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Our Clients

• Centrica (British Gas)

• EDF Energy

• Npower

• E.On

• Scottish Water

• Scottish Power

• Three Valley Water

• Yorkshire Water

How we help

The key is finding the right balance for your organisation. By understanding the most effective process for paper and data, we can offer our clients innovative and tailor made solutions, resulting in an efficient and seamless customer experience.

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