Data management for Legal firms

Searchable and organised customer documents

Law firms and individual solicitors have to deal with vast quantities of incoming and outgoing documents on a daily basis. Client information needs to be at hand in a timely fashion and linked into matter management and client billing systems.

Increasingly the legal sector is embracing the benefits of automation through the use of machines and software. Now all incoming post can be opened, scanned and faxes or emails can be captured and integrated into your systems in a cost effective and legally compliant manner. Documents such as claims, forms, medical reports, conveyance, forms (CON,LOC & PW, Family Law forms A, D, C, E, EX, FL, FM,FP, N, P, PL etc), Land Registry, correspondence and offers can then be processed.

They can then be automatically allocated to case handlers or fee earners quickly whilst being stored in your case management solution or content repository. These will all be searchable by case, type of document, matter and many other relevant index data fields or even full page OCR.

When you need to mail out to your clients, post can be automatically printed, efficiently enclosed by machine into an envelope, and franked.

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Filing with old fashioned folders

Irrespective of the source of information and data, each firm must have a policy to determine how and where it is stored.

Just ask two simple questions:

  • Do you know at any moment where all of the firm’s information and data is and what it contains?
  • Could you locate any document or correspondence in seconds for any reason?


The challenge

Legal firms know that timing is critical, and receiving high volumes of paper and digital documents which will need to be tracked and collated into case files can be challenging.

Claims management has become a key focus for forward-looking providers as they re-examine critical business functions in an effort to meet their customer needs and grow in light of the new conditions. If this is left to manual processing there is a risk of human error and of course, the time taken to do this effectively will be costly, causing frustration for you and clients.

The solution

The consultancy team at Twofold Ltd can assess your unique needs and recommend the best solution to increase efficiency and improve your running costs.

By automating the receipt and extraction of data from letters, claim forms, questionnaires, settlements/rejections, acknowledgements and offers you’ll greatly reduce cost and speed up processes. You’ll be able to keep all your customer data simply, and easily to hand, and all documents relating to that customer will automatically be associated with that customer.


We can help you realise the following benefits:

  • Improve customer service by capturing documents at the point of origination from multiple channels. Gain a competitive edge through fast, high quality inquiry and claims handling.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by tracing and auditing the data that arrives into an organisation from the point of entry, across each touch point until its final archive.
  • Improve your organisations efficiency by capturing and classifying documents at the point of entry and routing process-ready information to multiple business units and processes.
  • Reduce costs by processing paper, fax, email and any other format through one capture platform. Eliminating the manual labour, physical shipping and storage.

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How we help

The key is finding the right balance for your organisation. By understanding the most effective process for paper and data, we can offer our clients innovative and tailor made solutions, resulting in an efficient and seamless customer experience.

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