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Are you looking for a scanning solution for your incoming documents?

We can provide you with a wide range of scanner hardware and software solutions to solve almost any of your business needs, from basic ad-hoc scanning to full production environments. We can provide full servicing and maintenance on all scanners, whether we supplied them to you or not, so why not give us a call to see if we can help?

The equipment we provide is sourced from leading manufacturers, including Fujitsu, Kodak, Canon, Panasonic and Epson.

Do you need to save space and manage your scanning, printing and faxing in one easy-to-use device? Try the range of Lexmark Multifunction Printers.

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Certified Scanner checklist – Kofax compatible scanners

Looking for a scanner to complete your Kofax document capture solution? Twofold supplies certified scanners that comply with all testing criteria from Kofax. For Certified devices, Kofax maintains two or more units in-house, tests them for all major product releases, and provides support for field-reported bugs.

Take a look at the list, in the Scanner Configurator, as all listed configurations are considered Certified with the listed products.

This Scanner Configurator searches the latest releases of Kofax software. If you need information for previous versions, please select the Legacy Configurations option on the page link.


We are trusted by over 3,000 scanner customers

Over the last twenty years, we have been providing our customers with document scanners, software solutions and world class after-sales support you can trust.

We are currently trusted by over 3,000 businesses in the UK and Ireland, including over 90 of the FTSE 100. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Receive expert scanner advice before you buy
  • You can rely on our nationwide team of engineers for support
  • You benefit from competitive ‘scanner and maintenance‘ pricing with swift delivery
  • Enjoy flexible payment options and competitive pricing

Save money with RPA from Twofold Ltd

Cost saving efficiency

Our range of production scanners can manage up to 100,000 pages per day, these scanners redefine productivity, versatility and reliability, with high speeds to lower costs.
Scanners from Twofold Ltd

A range of scanners

Effortlessly scan documents anywhere, anytime – with mobile scanners, set up a desktop scanner in the office, or install our large production scanners for high volume scanning environments.
Scanner maintenance from Twofold Ltd

Scanner Maintenance

Along with all this, we aim to reduce what you are currently paying for scanner support by 25%
Fujitsu fi-6800 prosuction scanner
The Fujitsu fi-6800 is a compact production scanner

Want to find out more?

To get the best advice on the right scanner for your business requirements, or for scanner repairs, just speak to the expert team at Twofold Ltd on 0118 951 8900 or email us at

Do you need consumables for your scanner? We have a range available to view in our online store, from Fujitsu SnapScan cleaning kits, to replacement rollers and brushes, take a look and give us a call when you’ve found what you need.

pay less for new scanners from Twofold Ltd

Do you want to PAY LESS for a new scanner?

We are offering a FREE evaluation of your existing scanners, and can offset the value of them against a new scanner. To take advantage of this exclusive offer from Twofold Ltd, just give our scanner specialist a call today on 0118 951 9800.

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Case study

How our scanners helped a Welsh Council reduce paper and improve service


This particular Welsh Council is the governing body of one of the principle areas of Wales and delivers a range of services, from delivering benefits to collecting council tax.


The Council was faced with integrating several smaller offices into one central premises. Each department would have a lot less storage space and needed to reduce their paper documents whilst remaining fully legally admissible.

Entry level scanner

Fujitsu fi-7030 scanner from Twofold Ltd

Workgroup and departmental

fi-7140 scanner from Twofold Ltd
fujitsu fi-7160 scanner from Twofold Ltd
Fujitsu fi-7180 scanner from Twofold Ltd
fi-7240 scanner from Twofold Ltd
Fugitsu fi 7280 scanner from Twofold Ltd
Fujiutsu fi7460 scanner from Twofold Ltd
Fujitsu from Twofold Ltd

Production scanners

fi-7600 scanners from Twofold Ltd
Fujitsu fi7700 scanner from Twofold Ltd

High level production scanners

fi7800 scanner from Twofold Ltd
fi7900 scanner from Twofold Ltd

Network scanners

N7100E scanner from Twofold Ltd
fi7300nx scanner pod

SnapScan scanners

Fujitsu scansnap ix100 scanner from Twofold Ltd
ix-1500 scanner
fujitsu scansnap s-1100 scanner from Twofold Ltd
fujitsu scansnap s-1300i scanner from Twofold Ltd
fujitsu sv600 scanner from Twofold Ltd

Document scanners

fujitsu SP 1120 scanner from Twofold Ltd
fujitsu sp1125 scanner from Twofold Ltd
fujitsu sp1130 scanner from Twofold Ltd
fujitsu sp1130 scanner from Twofold Ltd
sp1120n scanner pod
sp1125N scanner pod
sp1130N scanner pod

Panasonic scanners

panasonic KV5046h scanner from Twofold Ltd
panasonic KV-S5076h scanner
panasonic KVs7077 scanner from Twofold Ltd
panasonic KVs7097 scanner from Twofold Ltd
panasonic KVs8147 scanner from Twofold Ltd

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