Document and data management case studies from companies across all industries

Streamline your document processing to optimise efficiency within your business

We strive to optimise efficiency within your business by providing you with the very best digital mailroom and data management solutions available, helping to streamline your document processing. We’ve worked with businesses across all industries and provided solutions to help productivity that have ranged from simple mailroom equipment, right up to company wide software solutions. From letter openers and franking machines, to document management solutions your business can benefit from document processing and digital mail systems to save time and money.

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Banks, insurers, mortgage and asset management providers are often swamped with client and administrative paperwork. Ensure you remain compliant and  achieve least cost processing.

Public Sector

Councils, health trusts, education and government offices have found that by working with Twofold Ltd they have dramatically reduced costs and the time taken to process documents.


Utility companies deal with millions of customers in an increasingly competitive environment. Providing first-class customer service can make the difference between success and failure.

Global Logistic Services

Increase shipment visibility and exception handling with the right data for reports that enable you to accelerate growth by identifying trends and patterns in the supply and demand chain.

Business Services

Business services organisations are continually looking to improve margin. If your offering is based around fixed or staff based costs, best in class processes lead to significant efficiency increases.


Access information from government portals and public websites. Government departments and agencies can easily integrate applications without the need for custom programming.


Streamline your back office functions, automate supply chain activities or improve customer service, complaint management or returns and warranties with solutions from Twofold Ltd.


Embrace the benefits of automation through the use of machines and software. Now all incoming post can be opened, scans or emails can be captured and integrated in a cost effective and compliant manner.


Insurance companies, agencies and IFA networks can optimise information flow across business units, reduce cost and risk, increase efficiency, and achieve regulatory compliance.


Ensure you have the information to deliver patient-centred care with a technology platform that drives improvements in patient care and service, while optimising data management and reducing operational costs.

Typical benefits of document management solutions from Twofold Ltd:

  • Improve customer service by capturing documents at the point of origination from multiple channels with a digital mailroom. Gain a competitive edge through fast, high quality processing.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by tracing and auditing the data that arrives into an organisation from the point of entry, across each touch point until its final archive.
  • Improve your organisation’s efficiency by initiating straight-through processing of data based on bank-specific rules across multiple financial services processes.
  • Reduce costs by processing paper, fax, email and any other format through one capture platform. Eliminate the manual labour, physical shipping and storage.
  • Automate the approval process of invoices, purchase orders and other documents to reduce human error and increase productivity.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by tracing and auditing the data that arrives into an organisation from the point of entry, across each touch point until its final archive.

Software solutions to automate customer onboarding

Kofax Onboarding Agility™ makes becoming your customer easier. It provides a unique combination of mobile access, omnichannel document capture/extraction, workflow automation, integration capabilities and analytics that provides visibility and optimization across all channels through the entire onboarding process. Kofax Onboarding Agility delivers automation that empowers user self-service, thereby freeing knowledge workers to focus on more essential tasks and reducing customer abandonment.

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