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Need to fold and seal confidential documents?

If you are looking to fold and seal secure documents such as P60s, payslips, and payroll applications, then a pressure sealer is the ideal solution.

We supply Pressure Sealers to many Payroll Bureaus and Payroll Departments, as our Pressure Sealers fold and seal single sheets of continuous or cut sheet forms, providing you with an efficient and secure solution for producing confidential documents ready for posting.

This method is widely recognised as the best way to produce one piece mailing documents ready for distribution, so if you need a reliable payroll folding machine, just give us a call.

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We know pressure sealers

The Burster, Decollator and Pressure Sealing manufacturing business of Formflow was acquired by Twofold in 2008. We also continue to manufacture and provide maintenance cover for Formflow machines, so if you have an older machine, we are happy to service it for you.

To find out more about how a Twofold Pressure Sealer could help your organisation contact Twofold today on 0118 951 9800 or email us at

Save money with Twofold Ltd

Cost saving efficiency

Our light duty Pressure Sealer in the range can process 3,500 items per hour – with our fastest managing up to 9,000. Reduce costs by saving time with this perfect high speed solution for processing your pressure seal stationery
Secure and confidential

Secure and Confidential

Pressure sealers produce your documents such as payslips and payroll applications ready for posting. Safe, secure and confidential for the correct recipient.
TFs-3500 pressure sealer machine
The TFs-3500 Pressure Sealer - perfect for light workloads

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Case study

Local Government in need of scanning 100 years’ worth of documents


An English city and unitary Council employing over 8,000 staff delivering a range of services, from housing to social care.


Having recently agreed to downsize several of the offices within the authority, the Council were faced with the task of archiving decades worth of files into a central digital location.

Light use

tfs-3500 burster from Twofold Ltd

Mid use

tfs-5000 burster from Twofold Ltd

Heavy use

tfs-000 burster from Twofold Ltd

Paper Folders

A Twofold Paper Folder will quickly and neatly fold documents, leaflets, flyers or pre-folded promotional material that accompany a letter prior to insertion through a folder inserter, or for manual distribution. We source the best folding products available today from a range of manufacturers including Superfax and Silver Reed. If you don’t see the model you need please call us as we have access to a much wider range and can discuss your individual requirement in much greater detail or arrange a demonstration at your office. An A3 paper folder is ideal for processing the upcoming new IER documents. We demonstrated a fully automatic model at the AEA conference in Blackpool, if you missed this conference please let us know and we can send you the information by email. Send your request to with IER in the subject line.

Letter Openers

With a Twofold Letter Opener, you can deliver your mail from the post room to your desk quickly and efficiently. Our automatic Letter Openers will open your mail quickly and safely without damaging the contents.


  • Save time opening mail
  • Deliver mail to the right departments quicker
  • Precisely slit one side so valuable documents are undamaged  ready for scanning
  • Accurate opening methods mean minimal waste
  • Handle missed mail without pre-sorting


Letter Extractor

Your mailroom’s efficiency and productivity can be dramatically improved with our automated Letter Extractor that open three sides of the envelope and extract the contents for you.

Our Letter Extractor can also be linked to conveyors allowing for larger volumes of mail to be processed by more than one operator.

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