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Tired of manually processing your multi-part forms?

You’re not alone. Many companies that use continuous stationery or pre-printed multi-part forms have the unenviable chore of having to manually process them.

Thankfully Twofold Ltd offers a range of automated form handling solutions, such as paper form bursters, that automatically process forms in a fraction of the time it takes to perform the same task manually.

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Save money with Twofold Ltd

Substantial labour savings

Reduce the time and money spent on manually processing forms.
Quality printing on envelopes from Twofold Ltd

Well-presented documents

Your documents are automatically separated and perforated sections removed neatly.
Increase efficiency with Twofold Ltd

Increased efficiency and productivity

Combined bursters and decollators can even be handled by the same machine for maximum efficiency.
Ease workload with m,ailroom solutions from twofold Ltd

Improved staff morale

Free up your staff from mundane, repetitive tasks.
Return on investment with mailroom solutions from Twofold Ltd

Rapid Return on Investment

Your decollating, bursting and trimming will be done in a fraction of the time.
TFb-5 Burster machine
TFb-5 Burster - just one of the options for form handling from twofold Ltd

Mail Bursters

Mail Burster machines separate sheets along perforations, and also remove sprocket holes if required. With capabilities to handle up to 30,000 a day you can see the savings in both money and time you’ll make by automating this task. We have refurbished machines available today, so call to find out more.



A decollator separates continuous multipart stationery into individual sets, while removing carbon backing paper. The sprocket holes can also be removed if required, and all while the machine is running, in one action to keep process speeds up and prevent the need to stop.


Combined forms handling

If space is at a premium and you have a need to burst and decollate forms at the same time, a combined unit is the system to use. With variable speeds and a host of enhanced features as standard, you’ll increase productivity and save time and money.


What are the benefits of automated forms handling?

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Case study

Departments all saving time and money using a single document capture platform


This particular council situated in the south east region is one of the largest employers in England with an annual budget of £800 million.


Like many authorities this council was ‘running on paper’. Receiving over a million documents a year by paper or email they needed to be keyed into core council systems then the document stored in the enterprise wide EDRMS.


TFb -5 burster from Twofold Ltd

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