Healthcare organisations around the world are constantly facing the urgent, unprecedented need to cut healthcare costs whilst improving quality at the same time.

Eliminating the paper based process is key to achieving improved efficiency. Printing, shipping, storing and searching paper documents is not only costly, but also makes it impossible to share and access real time information and make well informed decisions.
Kofax enables healthcare organisations to automate their document driven processes by capturing all information at the point of entry and transforming it into actionable information.

Typical benefits include:

Improve healthcare quality by sharing real time electronic information with patients, nurses and doctors to enable better health care decisions.
Move to electronic health records by capturing, transforming, exchanging and archiving health information enabling meaningful use.
Improve your organisations efficiency by capturing and classifying documents at the point of entry and routing process-ready information to multiple business units and processes.

Reduce costs by processing paper, fax, email and any other format through one capture platform. Eliminate the manual labor, physical shipping and storage.

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