TFa-450 – Address Printer

The Tfa-450 Address Printer gives you the tools you need to take the blank space of a standard envelope and turn it into powerful marketing messages that work hard for your business.

Twofold Ltd offers the TFa-450 inkjet envelope printer, which features fixed head technology capable of printing on a wide variety of items such as envelopes, postcards, magazines, or newsletters. Need to quickly change your marketing message to include a last-minute promotion? No problem – the TFa-450 provides the flexibility you need to make changes with ease.

The TFa-450 includes a complimentary iAddress on-demand address verification package to ensure address accuracy, access greater postage savings, and guarantee the right every envelope is delivered to the right recipient, every time. Further enhance your ability to communicate with your customers with variable data printing with FlexMail Software.

TFa-450 address printer from Twofold Ltd

Typical Uses of Address Printers

envelope printing with Twofold Ltd address printers

Print on envelopes

HIgh-quality printing on a whole range of envelopes you currently use if you have one of our folder inserter machines including DL, C5, and C4.
cardboard printing with address printers from Twofold Ltd

Print on card

Print on surfaces such as uneven cardboard packages with confidence, with high definition images that stand out and get noticed.
Seed packe printing with Twofold Ltd

Print on seed packets

Manage the design and printing on even the smallest money and seed envelopes with addresses and logos.
Print on pharmacy pill packets with address printers from Twofold Ltd

Pharmacy pill package printing

Print addresses and data onto pill packages for delivery from pharmacies. Individually addressed with your customer data.

What can be printed on your post?

print addresses with address printers from Twofold Ltd


Print the address of the recipient directly onto the package, avoiding the need for labels, saving time and cost.
variable data printing with Twofold Ltd

Variable Data Printing

Use your address printer to print variable data directly onto your outgoing post quickly and reliably.
Print graphics directly onto your post

Graphics and marketing

Use your post to advertise promotions, brand awareness and increase open rates with graphics printed onto your mail.
print barcodes with address printers from Twofold Ltd


Print identifying marks such as barcodes to identify the recipient, contents, and add encrypted data.

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TFa-450 – Address Printer

Easy to use

Simple, intuitive touch screen control provides instant job insight, one-touch printer controls, and troubleshooting aids that will help operators maximize up time to any print job done fast. The TFa-450’s print image feature allows you to store and recall common print jobs, then preview the job right from your printer. Need to estimate the cost of a print job? We got you covered. The TFa-450 includes an embedded estimator that can tell you how much your print job costs before you print and the intelligent ink status panel keeps track of your supplies and how much useful life remains based on the chosen dpi.


Accommodates variety

Featuring HP® thermal inkjet print technology, the TFa-450 is perfect for printing addresses, permits, logos, barcodes, message lines, and graphics on blank or pre-printed envelopes, including glossy coatings. Our spot color feature can be used to print a single line of text or a small graphic in a variety of colours to add visual impact to your printed communications. You can change your message as often as you want to keep things fresh and you can do it all in-house, quickly, economically, and accurately.



The powerful new CPU driving the TFa-450 includes USB, ethernet, and Wifi connectivity so you can install the TFa-450 without major IT involvement. Just load the plug’n play software onto your computer and within a few minutes, you’re up and running. Keep your addresses up to date to ensure you send the correct envelope to the right person every time, with the iAddress on-demand web service included with the TFa-450 at no additional cost.


Don’t forget you can add Variable Data Printing Software FlexMail to enable you to really connect with your customers, and create unique designs to add to your post.

Machine specification for the TFa-450 Address Printer

Speed Per Hour
Up to 22,000 envelopes per hour - Up to 25,000 post cards per hour
Max. Envelopes ThicknessUp to 1/4"
ConnectivityUSB 3.0, ethernet, wifi
L/W/H23" X 22" X 19"
Print headsFour
Print ResolutionUp to 600 dpi
Print Area2" x 15"

What are the benefits?

Save money with RPA from Twofold Ltd

Lower operating costs

Increase speed and efficiency with RPA from Twofold Ltd

Faster processing

Increase growth of your business with ODM software from Twofold Ltd

Increased efficiency

lelegal regulations Twofold Ltd

Greater regulatory compliance

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