Royal Mail Mailmark for visibility and reporting

Mailmark is a new technology, which brings you into the next generation of mail. The Mailmark barcode replaces the traditional ‘town and crown’ die franking mark with a 2D barcode that carries machine readable information on the user and mailpiece.


So what is Mailmark®, and how does it work?

Mailmark offers the ability to track mail location and delivery, improve reporting, and management of tariffs. Over time all business mail will carry this barcode, although Royal Mail will continue to process existing franking formats for a while. As your mail is produced, a Mailmark is added, and your mail’s details are then added to an e-manifest (an electronic list of your consignments). That gets sent to Royal Mail, and as your mail rolls through the system, the barcodes are read, generating a personal report which you can view online to check exactly what’s happening with your mail.

Mailmark® means … more from your mail

Some of the benefits of Mailmark for your business are:

  • Insightful reporting
  • Visibility of where your mail is in the supply chain
  • You’ll know if there are any problems
  • More professional and modern image helps to add customer value
  • Great value for money with postage savings

Cost saving efficiency

With Mailmark you always pay the right amount for postage

The correct postage is always applied so you benefit from:

  • No surcharges – avoid customer dissatisfaction and extra cost
  • Simple tariff update
  • Accurate product selection
  • Tariff differential


Download these handy wallcharts and full upgrade instructions

Royal Mail Franking Chart Mailmark Wall Chart

Upgrade Instructions

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Twofold increased efficiency and productivity for one of the UK’s largest insurance companies


One of the largest life and non-life insurance companies in the UK, with around 8 million policyholders and over 6,000 employees across the UK.


The company wanted to improve efficiency by decreasing the amount of time it took to process documents that arrived via post, and to reduce the amount of paper documents that went missing through being passed around offices.

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