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Looking for a wide range of envelopes to suit almost any purpose?

We offer a wide selection of machine compatible envelopes, bespoke, gummed, peel and seal and self-seal envelopes in a range of sizes, window sizes and positions. You can take advantage of our FREE envelope storage for up to 12 months, allowing you to make savings on larger orders and schedule call off when you need them through the year. We deliver almost everywhere in the UK and in most cases can deliver next day if ordered before 1.30pm.

Our most popular envelopes are C5 and DL, a C5 standard envelope measures 162mm x 229mm. This is designed to fit A4 paper folded in half, or A5 paper unfolded. The DL is what most people consider to be the standard ‘letter envelope’ as it fits A4 paper folded into thirds and measures 110mm x 220mm. If you’re regularly sending out your ‘With Compliments’ slips, these are designed to fit inside a DL envelope as they usually measure 210mm x 99mm. Take a look at the range available in our envelope store pages.

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Sending confidential documents?

Twofold can supply you with envelopes that feature a unique “CheckSecure” opaque, which is specifically designed for the protection of confidential or sensitive documents. Combined with the dark security opaque, the CheckSecure text pattern prevents envelope scanning by powerful light sources such as halogen bulbs, and cannot be scanned using solvent applications such as “Scan Mail” spray. All that will be revealed is the security opaque, where a standard blue opaque will reveal the contents of the envelope.

Our range of consumables is designed to enhance our machines, ensuring maximum product performance and longevity.

Benefits of choosing Twofold for your envelopes:

Next day delivery envelopes from Twofold Ltd

Next day delivery

Call before 1.30pm for guaranteed next day delivery to anywhere in the UK.
Storage for 12 months

Free storage for 12 months

Allowing you to take advantage of bulk discounts.

Competitive prices

We’re always checking costs to give you the best possible price.
Machine compatibility

Machine compatibility

For trouble free processing, and to prevent time wasted through jammed envelopes.
Efficient and compatible envelopes

Efficient and professional service

Our team are ready to answer your calls or emails to get you the envelopes you need.
check secure envelopes
The CheckSecure envelope is just one of your options for high quality envelopes from Twofold

What is CheckSecure™?

Twofold has developed the CheckSecure™ envelope to have a unique design for the protection of financial and sensitive documents. The only way to see the documents enclosed is to open the envelope and remove them. Both you and your customers will benefit from the security of this opaque printing, and you can send out your post with confidence. Your customers will appreciate that you have put their confidentiality first when sending communications in the post. All of our CheckSecure™ envelopes are fully compatible with Twofold mailroom equipment to reduce downtime and let you run your business without costly delays.

Want to find out more? Download your guide to CheckSecure envelopes here.

Avoid fraud with a CheckSecure Envelope from Twofold Document Solutions

What do our customers say about our envelopes?

We use the secure envelopes to send NHS prescriptions with confidential patient details on. It is very important that the secure element is there as we are dealing with personal details.


as law firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, so we have always had strict Data Protection and Confidentiality considerations, therefore it was a pertinent recommendation for an additional security feature, which it was very obviously worthwhile to include.”

Storage and distribution

Twofold offers a free storage facility for up to 12 months. Storing envelopes with us ensures that you benefit from the low prices when ordering in bulk without having to worry about the storage space. All stocked envelopes are delivered on a next day service. To guarantee next day delivery please call before 1.30pm.


Each time you require your envelopes, you simply ‘call off’ the required amount from your existing stock. You can contact us via email, phone or fax, simply let us know the required envelope code and amount and we’ll deliver your envelopes to you the next working day.

Alternatively, you can set up a ‘call off’ arrangement where we will ship your goods on a set date each week or month, whichever you prefer.

Our experienced envelope team will keep you updated on your stock levels and contact you when stocks are running low.

Twofold envelope storage
Twofold envelope warehouse storage

Overprinting Service

Whether it is a simple logo, indicia or an intricate design of many colours, overprinted envelopes provide a professional look and can create striking designs that create that all important “wow” factor. You’ll improve open rates and it’s an added opportunity for marketing – by displaying your business before their mail has even been opened they’ll be aware of who you are.


Using a Printed Postage Impression (PPI) on your envelopes will enable your organisation to send out large volumes of mail quickly and efficiently without the laborious task of having to stamp each individual item.

By enhancing the presentation of your mail you’ll be able to promote a professional image for your organisation.

Our envelope team is highly experienced and dedicated to giving you the best advice and products. We understand our customers’ requirements and ensure that every client receives an efficient and professional service.

All overprint envelope orders produce a design proof for approval and nothing will go to print until the order is signed off by you, ensuring prompt delivery and peace of mind.

CheckSecure envelopes – for financial and sensitive documents

env952503 162 x 235mm window envelope from Twofold Ltd
162 x 235mm env952.503
env952405 121 x 235mm window from Twofold Ltd
121 x 235mm env952.405
env952401 111 x 235mm window from Twofold Ltd
111 x 235mm env952.401
env952114 114 x 235mm window envelope from Twofold Ltd
114 x 235mm env952.114

Office use – self-seal envelopes

15882 114 x 229mm DL + self seal wallet envelope from twofold Ltd
114 x 229mm DL + 15882
15884 114 x 229 envelope from Twofold Ltd
114 x 229mm 15884
4707 162 x 238mm c5 + gummed mailer envelope from Twofold Ltd
162 x 238mm c5 + 4707
4708 162 x 238mm c5 + window gummed envelope from Twofold Ltd
162 x 238mm c5 + 4708
fl3891 324 x 229mm C4 self seal pocket envelope from Twofold Ltd
324 x 229mm C4 13891
13892 324 x 229mm C4 window self seal pocket envelope from Twofold Ltd
324 x 229mm C4 13892
13893 229 x 162mm c5 self seal pocket envelope from Twofold Ltd
229 x 162mm c5 13893

Business reply – non-window envelopes

15882 114 x 229mm DL + self seal wallet envelope from twofold Ltd
114 x 229mm DL + 15882
4707 162 x 238mm c5 + gummed mailer envelope from Twofold Ltd
162 x 238mm c5 + 4707
2600 114 x 162mm C6 Gummed Mailer envelope from Twofold Ltd
114 x 162mm C6 2600
3600 114 x 262 C6 gummed mailer envelope from Twofold Ltd
114 x 262 C6 3600
2700 102 x 216mm C6 Gummed wallet envelope from Twofold Ltd
102 x 216mm C6 2700
2701 110 x 220mm DL Gummed Mailer envelope from Twofold Ltd
110 x 220mm 2701
2800 155 x 220mm DL + gummed mailer envelope from Twofold Ltd
155 x 220mm DL + 2800

A whole range of envelopes available

If you need pre-paid envelopes, envelope stuffing machine compatible, or just standard envelopes such as C5 or DL, just call to ask about what we can do for you. We also have our special CheckSecure envelopes for sensitive contents, and for late posting, we have our Late Meter envelopes. These manilla, overprinted envelopes allow you to post your urgent mail in your designated Franked post box.These late meter envelopes are not machine compatible and are designed to be hand filled.


If you’re using high volumes of envelopes, you may be interested in our range of mailroom machines, such as Franking Machines and Folder Inserters, which alongside Letter Openers can revolutionise your entire mailroom, speeding up process times and freeing your staff to carry out less mundane duties.

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