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From time to time Twofold discontinues some of our mailroom products so that we can provide you with the latest machines. Wherever possible we continue to provide you with maintenance for these machines, and we also support maintenance for machines sold by other manufacturers, so if you have a machine in need of a bit of attention, make us your first call. We carry out maintenance and support for Mail Openers, so if you have any of these machines, we are ready to help.

All of our discontinued machines have been replaced by a similar product and where listed the recommended replacement will be shown on the product page in our online shop.

MaintenAnce contracts from Twofold Ltd

Ongoing support

You’ll get the same high level of support for your machine, and where possible new parts will be used to keep it working to full capacity
Upgrade advice from Twofold Ltd

Upgrade advice

If you decide to upgrade to a newer machine we have modern replacements for all machines previously installed. Ask our engineer to advise on the best replacement, or call our service team.

If you have an older machine in need of consumables or parts, call on

0118 951 9800

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Case study

Price, features, lead times and above all service were key to leading law firm


One of the largest full service law firms in the world, with 38 offices across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. The company specialises in legal services for commercial, corporate, human sources, legal systems, litigation, dispute management and real estate.


With 20,000 to 60,000 items to mail each week and an unreliable machine from another supplier, the law firm needed to get a new machine with excellent back up and support.

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