Financial Processing Automation for end-to-end efficiency

What is financial process automation (FPA)?

Financial Process Automation (FPA) solutions fully integrate with any ERP system to optimise the purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash and record-to-report cycles. You’ll be able to capture and extract information from any source, automatically routing it into an approval workflow, and transferring information into your system of record. FPA eliminates delays with error free processes, and provides total visibility into data.

By breaking financial process silos, organisations systematically increase efficiency and better working practices among staff, suppliers and customers, driving strategic business outcomes with complete process control and insights at their fingertips.

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Invoice automation is a natural first step towards process improvements for many organisations, but top performing organisations are 77% more likely to use a complete P2P solution. Automating the entire purchase-to-pay process, from purchase requisitions to payment approvals, offers opportunities for major gains in efficiency and cost savings.



With around 86% of sales orders still received non-electronically, processes that incorporate manual tasks make order-to-cash efficiency and A+ customer service nearly impossible. Automating sales order processing, order fulfilment and payment advice processing reduces Days Sales Outstanding, accelerates handling of receivables, and gives staff and customers up-to-date information about payment status.


Automating financial postings and master data management ensures data accuracy, timeliness, and transparency so organisations can make better business decisions, have more satisfied customers and ensure regulatory and user compliance.

Financial Process Automation from Twofold Ltd

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ReadSoft Supplier Portal™

Extend invoice processing automation with a cloud-based self-service supplier portal.
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ReadSoft Online

Accurately capture, extract and validate invoice data with a cloud-based accounts payable solution.
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Invoice Processing Agility

Transform accounts payable with an enterprise-level invoice processing solution.
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AP Agility

Transform accounts payable with an enterprise-level intelligent invoice and workflow automation solution.

ReadSoft Invoices

Easily automate the scanning, interpreting and filing of data for all invoices, no matter the format.
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MarkView for Oracle

Automate invoice processing and accounts payable operations in Oracle E-Business Suite.
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Optimize trade management for financial services institutions.

ReadSoft Invoice Portal

Cloud-based e-invoicing solution and certified PEPPOL access point for sending and receiving e-invoices

ReadSoft Process Director for SAP

Automate financial processes in SAP

Set your strategy for optimizing P2P processing and beyond

Your ERP system can’t do it all.  And its limitations mean staff members have to do slow, error-prone, manual work to process information in disparate forms and from various sources –debilitating your decision-making with process blind spots and straining your customer and vendor relationships.


ECM -OnBase

ECM is an umbrella term that typically encompasses various technologies. Whatever format your business takes, from paper documents to electronic data streams, OnBase can capture it all. making it available from one central place.Read More »

Kofax Total Agility

As a Platinum partner of Kofax, Twofold have invested in the skills required to implement and support your Kofax environment. TotalAgility is easy-to-use for modelling, design, analysis, simulation and testing of processes.

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Business Intelligence

If your business is looking to improve decision making, reduce costs and maximise efficiency, then an investment in business intelligence is a great way to identify opportunities for improvement.Read More »

RPA - Kapow

Kapow is the world’s leading data acquisition and integration software solution, unique in its ability to give business users the ability to build a suite of applications without any scripting or programming skills.Read More »

Digital Transformation

In an increasingly digital world led by online giants like Amazon and Google, many businesses are looking to embrace a move into digital. Thankfully there are a range of digital transformation solutions from Twofold that can help ease this transition and saving you time and money.

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Whether your software is run locally or deployed in the cloud, Twofold has the ability to link to over 500 back end applications either with certified connectors, standard interface methodologies.Read More »

Document Scanning

The latest in scanning technology and functionality enables you to do so much more than just capture an image. Documents can be automatically identified, scanned or digitised, then passed back through as an electronic document to follow the same route as an email, fax or e-form.Read More »

SignDoc™ e-Signature

Leading organisations in banking, insurance, retail and many other industries worldwide now use SignDoc®. Reduce your operational costs, speed time to closure, improve customer satisfaction, stay compliant and operate securely.Read More »

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