Kofax Kapow – your new RPA digital assistant

2018 is ‘The Year of the Robot’, and with Robotic Process Automation from Kofax Kapow you can automate manual processes without any scripting or programming skills

Robotic Process Automation from Kofax Kapow will automate manual, repetitive tasks, and deliver 100 percent data accuracy in industries including banking, insurance, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and finance and accounting.

The Robotic Process Automation and integration platform from Kapow is the fastest and most efficient way to acquire, enhance, and deliver information from virtually any application or data source, including websites and portals, desktop applications, and enterprise systems, without any coding. The RPA solution provided by Twofold has deployed more bots than any other – and when used with other Kofax applications,it provides a comprehensive Robotic Process Automation solution that can simplify and transform your entire business.


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What are the benefits of RPA from Kapow?

Save money with RPA from Twofold Ltd

Save Time and Money

Automate any business activity currently performed manually, such as data extraction, processing invoices, and generating reports.
Eliminate human error with RPA from Twofold Ltd

Eliminate Human Errors

Kapow validates your data, to ensure clean and useful information is available for processing.
Increase speed and efficiency with RPA from Twofold Ltd

Improve Speed and Accuracy

Kapow can extract and integrate data from any source, especially websites and web portals, connecting critical information to all types of processes.
Standardise your data automatically with RPA from Twofold Ltd

Standardise Data Automatically

Kapow automatically proofs your documents and corrects names, technical jargon, and abbreviations to standardise data prior to processing.
Clean data automatically with RPA from Twofold Ltd

Cleanse Data Prior to Processing

Kapow will automatically delete or merge redundant information from multiple sources to save time, reduce the risk of errors streamline processing.

Prepare Data for Analysis and Reporting

Kapow can access data from multiple sources and automatically deliver it to analytic and reporting applications in the proper format for data analysis and output.

Kofax named as a ‘Hot vendor for Robotic Process Automation in 2017’ for its Kofax Kapow by IT market research and advisory firm Aragon Research. Read more here.

Build robots to automate tasks, speed up processing and collect data

Kofax Kapow is RPA software that allows users to deploy smart robots to mimic human actions and automate a wide range of manual, repetitive tasks while driving continuous improvements. Robotic Process Automation from Kapow permits business users to self-enable and control information integrations and workflows rapidly, under IT governance.

Take a look at this 8 point guide to deciding which processes to give to your new robot >>

With Kapow Software’s information integration and automation platform, data can be integrated at new speeds, distributed into the hands of business users and leveraged in innovative ways to deliver value across departments and business processes.

Robotic process automation is right for your business if you need to:

  • Increase employee productivity and moral by reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks.
  • Provide faster and error free customer service.
  • Grow your business and do more with your existing workforce.
  • Remove human errors in processing
  • Integrate existing applications and systems without additional coding.

Interview a robot for a job in your team

To interview a robot for a job in your team, just think of three or four manual and time-consuming tasks for it to do, and we will set those up – typically within a day.
There is no cost for a trial, but be warned, the majority of firms give their robots a permanent contract – and then give them many more tasks to do.

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RPA Robotic process Automation
Replace manual tasks with Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation – the next step in Document Management evolution

Business process and document workflow automation has been in the spotlight for some time, and it’s now accepted that it makes sense to automate business and document workflow related processes for many reasons. Over the last few decades, Document and Business Process Management solutions went through a dramatic evolution and it seemed that the improvements had reached their peak in:

However, through the innovative capabilities available with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning, Document Management Solutions can now be taken to the next stage of development.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) opens up a whole new world of possibilities for businesses to automate the processes by eliminating human involvement, and making the process more consistent, efficient and less error-prone. Along with significant productivity increase, businesses are now discovering how they can automate processes that previously hadn’t even been considered.

Extract and verify data from diverse sources with Kapow enterprise integration and automation.

Kapow software for process automation extracts, and integrates data in real time from multiple sources using robots that apply both in-process and post-processing rules. This RPA process eliminates the need for labour intensive, manual processes that require logging into multiple internal and external applications and websites to cut and paste data. With RPA you have a new digital workforce, ready to work tirelessly on any task you require of them.

Your peers are deploying software robots to automate manual tasks, find out how you can increase efficiency and control, while alowing your team the freedom of being slaves to ERPs and spreadsheets >>

With Kapow Robotic Process Automation, extracting public-source web data delivers productivity improvements of 30 to 1 over manual processing. Kapow helps streamline all kinds of business activities without the expensive and complex development typically required to integrate the flow of information between internal applications and external sources like websites and web portals.

More than just ‘web scraping’ – Kofax Kapow is your tireless digital assistant, ready to work 24/7

Kapow is robotic process automation platform that encompasses far more capabilities than simply scraping data from a website, portal, or application. Kapow can automate all the human interactions, apply business rules, monitor and audit the entire process. Kapow also supports integration standards like Web Services, REST, XML, databases, and more.


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