Automated data capture Solutions

Streamline the distribution of your incoming data

Automated data capture enables you to streamline the identification and distribution of your incoming media, freeing up valuable time and money that could be better invested elsewhere in your organisation.


Data capture solutions available

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR technology can be used to instantly recognise information from a variety of documents and mediums. A typical example would be reading information directly from a passport or driving licence and automatically categorising the information into editable and searchable data.


Document scanning + Scanners

If you have significant document scanning needs then you’ll be pleased to know that Twofold Ltd offer a wide range of scanners and scanning software solutions to cater for any business size.



Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions are a combination of individual tools designed to solve various needs within your business. This bespoke solution will be unique to you and can grow in functionality as and when you need it.


Kofax multichannel capture

Like most organisations, your communications probably take place in a variety of forms – from direct mail to email, SMS and beyond. Kofax multichannel capture allows you to intelligently capture data from virtually any source.


Departmental solutions

Often the data capture needs between departments can be as varied as those between two separate organisations. Twofold Ltd understand this all too well and offer a wide range of departmental solutions to help.


Mailroom equipment

From letter openers to fax machines, we offer a wide selection of mailroom equipment to suit the needs of virtually any type of organisation.

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What are the benefits of automated data capture?


Increase your efficiency

Your incoming documents are instantly identified by type using intelligent data capture technology.

Reduce errors

Any missing or incorrect information in your documents is flagged up early, helping to prevent bottlenecks further on.

You save time

Document data is extracted and made available instantly, helping to optimise your processes and reduce operating costs.

Data Automation

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Customer Communication

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Enterprise Content Management

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Business Intelligence

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Data Capture

Automated data capture enables you to streamline the identification and distribution of your incoming media, freeing up valuable time and money that could be better invested elsewhere in your organisation.Read More »

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