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Is your business secured against document fraud?

Document fraud in the UK is the easiest type of theft and also the hardest form of fraud to detect. This costs British companies millions of pounds each year, but with document security solutions from Twofold Ltd, you’ll avoid fraud – and give your customers peace of mind.

Criminals can access your cash by signature forgery, document duplication and alteration forgery. And it’s not just money you lose – document fraud also leads to bad press, staff anxiety, loss of trust and time during the investigations.

Although the volume of cheques being issued has declined in recent years, there are still more than 2.7 million cheques issued every day – with 90% of attempted cheque fraud spotted and stopped in 2011 thanks to improved prevention methods. Twofold provides several products to help reduce the risk of loss through fraud.

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How to protect yourself against document fraud

If you want to ensure you’re part of the 90%, we recommend the use of high security cheque stationery and equipment. We offer a range of secure solutions that can minimise the risks of fraudulent alterations or duplication, and bring back that peace of mind you deserve. With mailroom equipment such as a secure Cheque Signer, Signature Plates, Hologram Applicator, Perforators and Embossers, you’ll give yourself the best chance of avoiding fraud. To get advice on the best solution for your business, just call or use our contact form and let us help.


Benefits of increased document security:

Save money with Twofold Ltd

Prevent monetary losses

Protect yourself against multiple types of fraud.
Quality printing on envelopes from Twofold Ltd

Maintain your company integrity

Prevent bad press, and keep the trust of your customers.
Complete peace of mind with Twofold Ltd mailroom solutions

Peace of mind for you, your staff and your customers

Your staff and customers will know you are a company they can trust.
Agile processing from Twofold Ltd

You avoid disruption to your working environment

Reduce the risk of the need for costly and time consuming investigations into fraud.

Enjoy maximum security and control throughout your business

You won’t have any weak spots to be exploited with the latest security measures.
TFc-525 Cheque Signer
The TFc-525 for secure cheque signing

Document security equipment

Document security equipment

Case study

Departments all saving time and money using a single document capture platform


This particular council situated in the south east region is one of the largest employers in England with an annual budget of £800 million.


Like many authorities this council was ‘running on paper’. Receiving over a million documents a year by paper or email they needed to be keyed into core council systems then the document stored in the enterprise wide EDRMS.

Is security important to your organisation? Do you know what’s entering your business?

You may have your outgoing mail covered, with cheque signers, secure envelopes and other measures in place to ensure your mail goes to the right person and not intercepted, but can you control what comes into the business? At Twofold, we are now able to supply you with a large range of threat detection equipment, from metal detectors, X-Ray machines to mobile scanners and hand held detection devices. They can also be used to monitor what’s leaving your premises, with precious metal detection and X-Ray technology available for personnel and baggage scanning.

These are ideal for schools, events, airports or anywhere you may need to ensure the safety of personnel.

Cheque Signers

With a Twofold Cheque signer you can process your cheques efficiently with complete control and security.

Cheque Signers produce a difficult to replicate multi-coloured signature that offers extremely high levels of security and control. By implementing a Twofold Cheque Signer, you can minimise the risks of muscle forgery, tracing, rubber-stamping, carbon duplication or colour copying.

TFc-525 cheque signer from Twofold Ltd
TFc-725 cheque signer from Twofold Ltd

Hologram Applicators

It’s not just cheques that are targets for the criminal. Drafts, certificates, passports, vouchers, bonds, permits and any document with a value are easy prey for the fraudster.

Hologram Applicators provide an effective method of document authentication and data protection at the point of issue. And as holograms and secure foils cannot be copied or reproduced easily they offer the most secure method of protection against document duplication and alteration.

tfh-21 hologram applicator from Twofold Ltd


Twofold perforators are used throughout the world for the secure cancellation of documents and most commonly used for cancelling travellers cheques.

TF-IT perforator from Twofold Ltd
TF-OD perforator from Twofold Ltd
TF OZ perforator from Twofold Ltd


If you’re after high class authentication for your official documents, then you need one of our Embossers, providing needle sharp impressions such as logos and coats of arms.

Embossers are widely used by government bodies, local authorities and universities for the application of an embossed impression onto their legal documents, certificates, diplomas and permits.

Perforators can also be used for receipting and recording documents by applying dates, numbers and text, thus preventing them from being submitted more than once.

TF EP product from Twofold Ltd
TF-IP perforator from Twofold Ltd
TFIIP embosser from Twofold Ltd
TFe 20 embosser from Twofold Ltd

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