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have your business priorities changed in 2018 blog

With half of 2018 gone, have your priorities changed?

Has your No.1 priority changed? Part One Have your business priorities changed in 2018? In a recent survey of IT executives conducted by a very well known global consulting firm, the top priority cited by nearly a quarter of over 2,000 leading executives is growth. This was followed shortly by business transformation or digital transformation.…


why you need a digital mailroom from Twofold Ltd

Why you need a Digital Mailroom now

How do you manage your incoming documents? A leading global analyst said last week that 77% of companies still rely on paper-based processes. The other 23% still receive documents via email and uploads to a website, and out of all these documents, it is estimated that up to 70% of them are in a semi…


What are the benefits of a folder inserter?

Why should you use a folder inserter?

What are the benefits of a folder inserter? At one time, filling envelopes was a job done entirely by hand, with temporary staff employed to stuff and seal mail at times when volumes are high. This is obviously not ideal, as human error is more likely, and there may be sensitive confidential documents being handled.…


Document management software solutions from Twofold Ltd

Why should I care about Document Management Software?

Information management simplified Some businesses can become complacent, and the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mentality can prevent, or at least delay the adoption of a document management solution. So why is it so important to have one in place? Simply put, a document management system will streamline, simplify, and improve your existing…


OnBase blog from Twofold Ltd

Why OnBase is Leg-Mecc-Tric!

Why OnBase is Leg-Mecc-Tric! Every year, I wait with bated breath for the latest version of Onbase. Like a seven-year-old on Christmas Eve, I am expecting to receive more presents that I can possibly cope with, and maybe this year it will also be a new bike as well? OK, apart from a bit of oversharing…


Who are Kofax now Twofold blog

Who are Kofax now? – A Long term partner’s view

The Kofax journey I have been working with Kofax for nearly 15 years now and over that time I have seen them develop from the de facto market leader in OCR and data capture, get lost in the wilder lands of Business Process Management and RPA and now starting to carve out their niche in…


Which RPA platform is best? Find out in this blog from twofold Ltd

Which Robotic Automation Platform Is Best?

Which Robotic Automation Platform is best? Perhaps the number one question I get asked is; “which platform should we choose for our automation needs?” Now, those of you that know me, will no doubt expect me to immediately name a vendor or technology, but that isn’t what I feel is the right answer to this…


Find out what work your RPA robot can do with Twofold Ltd

What work can I give my robot?

An 8 Point Guide to deciding which processes to give to your robot So many organisations are looking at, or have started to implement Robotic Process Automation, but not all robots are created equal, and not all processes are ideal to be replaced. So how do you know which tools to use, and what processes…


Invoice automation software blog from Twofold Ltd

What steps should your invoice processing solution cover?

What should you know about invoice processing automation? If you’re at the stage of considering a document management system for automation of your invoice processing, you’ll have a list of goals, and a whole lot of questions. It’s best to get these all listed before you make any decisions and of course we are here…


user friendly software blog

What makes Software user-friendly?

What makes Software user-friendly? User friendly is a term often used in relation to gadgets, software, home appliances …in fact pretty much anything when the product team feel the need to relieve the buyer of any anxiety over information overload. Unfortunately, the overuse of the term has rendered it almost useless, it’s become no more…


sm\rt franking software from Twofold Ltd

What is S.M.A.R.T. franking software?

Franking software with SMART features for posting parcels If you’re posting mail from your business, you’ll already know that a franking machine offers many advantages over stamps – saving time, money, and inconvenience being the most valuable. The advancements in franking technology in conjunction with Royal Mail with smart franking machines that track VAT, and…


Intelligent digital mailroom blog from Twofold Ltd

What is an intelligent Digital Mailroom?

What is a Digital Mailroom? a) One application of an intelligent automation platform that allows you to create a strategy and journey towards delighting your customers, by becoming hyper-efficient, compliant, and in control of any channel of communication paper, email, web, and mobile app. b) Outsourcing your post so you don’t have to deal with…


Twofold’s chosen charity – CLIC Sargent

  CLIC Sargent visit Twofold Ltd 10th May 2018 I was delighted to be asked to speak at the kick off of our relationship with CLIC Sargent. As I explained to our team, my family has been devastated by cancer. Over a period of five years I lost a father-in-law, a mother-in-law, and my own…


Office Refurbishment blog from Twofold Ltd

Twofold Office Refurbishment News

What’s been going on in the Twofold office? Over the last couple of months we’ve had builders hard at work on the ground floor of the Twofold Head Office, with the admin team gaining mountaineering skills in their quest to get parts and supplies out of the building, and the engineers climbing over plasterboard in…


five top complaints from tenants

Top Five complaints from tenants in rented accommodation

Top Five tenant complaints In recent years it’s become a lot harder for people to get onto the housing ladder, with most young people and couples renting properties. With so many renting there is often the image of the wealthy landlord sitting back while their property simply makes them their money. The reality is not…


Please don't replace me with a robot, says the pet cat

Top 5 trends to help you stay in business in 2018

How do your business priorities stack up to the top 5? As every organisation prepares to be replaced by another division of Amazon, it is traditional in January to look ahead to see what trends will be impacting your business and where you should focus your strategy this year. As I look to the key…


robotic elves blog learn about RPA from Twofold Ltd

The shoemaker and the Robotic Elves.

The Grimm fairy tale of the shoemaker and the robotic elves Unless you have been living in a hole in the ground, you simply can’t have avoided all the hype surrounding the onward march of Robots gunning for your jobs. Just like robots are now prevalent in manufacturing, a new breed of software robot can…


The Outlook is good

The Outlook is good In my last article I ranted on about how easy-of-use was one of the most critical aspects involved when choosing software, but often all RFQs give is a cursory mention or couple of marks. For me, the fact that the software can be used by the users is kind of the point,…


The APA conference 2018 Twofold Ltd

The APA Conference 2018 – The Rise of the Robot

The Accounts Payable Association Annual Conference 2018 – The Rise of the Robots Having spent nearly 30 years in the Accounts Payable industry, it was great to attend the second annual conference to meet all the AP Ninjas (their term!) and see just what is going on. It was fascinating to see a room of over…


Warning signs for your business

The 7 signs that your company is in serious trouble

  Is your company past its sell by date? Over the last few decades I have had the privilege of seeing and working with some phenominal companies. As a supplier or customer, you just know when a business is destined for greatness. You feel the passion dripping from every employee on a shared mission to…


Five myths of digital mailroom from Twofold blog

The 5 Myths of a Digital Mailroom

The 5 myths of a digital mailroom There are many myths around the digital mailroom, and in our conversations with customers who are considering the move, we have gained a good insight into those doubts. Here is a quick rundown of five of the myths that might prevent you from taking advantage of the digital…


muddy mayhem 2018

Team Twofold – Muddy Mayhem

Team Twofold … Muddy Mayhem charity event 7th October 2018 Twofold Team Donation page   Those of you who follow Twofold closely (that is everyone right!), will know that this weekend we entered ourselves for the Muddy Mayhem challenge in aid of CLIC Sargent, a fantastic Charity that helps young people and their families during…


content services for accounts payable blog

Tackle content services – starting with accounts payable

Content services – is right for you? As you hear the philosophy behind the content services movement, you might be inclined to think the same thing. It sounds great, but will it be more work for you? Firstly, the good news: Hyland is approaching content services with the same philosophy that has made OnBase such a…


Is GDPR scaring you? Twofold Ltd gives yuo a rundown of how they help

Stop trying to scare me with G.D.P.R.

  Understanding the risks – the four key areas Many of our Twofold customers ask us how we can help them meet their GDPR requirements. The good news is that the same set of solutions that you use to make your processes more efficient can also be used to help you meet the regulations. First…


GDPR checklist for HR departments from Twofold Ltd

Stay up to date with GDPR for HR departments

What does GDPR mean for your HR department? It’s been a year and a half since we were all flooded with warnings about GDPR. The precautionary instructions on how to avoid company busting fines and reputation ruining lawsuits seemed to have quietened but the doubts around gdpr complaint hr processes lingers. While most people within…


Simplify Covid documentation for HR departments

Simplify Vaccination & Testing Management

COVID Vaccination management for HR When it comes to managing the changing needs of a modern workforce, your HR department is on the frontline. Onboarding new remote workers, arranging travel with ever-changing quarantine rules, and managing documents securely to comply with the latest regulations – these are just a few ways in which HR challenges…


signs your claims processes need to change

Signs your claims processes need to change….FAST

Signs Your Claims Processes Need to change….FAST For the past several years, the path to success for insurers has been plagued with obstacles and hazards – some obvious and others unseen. Ever changing policyholder and industry demands combined with increased regulatory oversight, fierce competition and an uncertain economic outlook have crippled many insurers. These pressures…


Buy or rent your franking machine from Twofold Ltd

Should you buy or rent your franking machine?

Should you buy or rent your franking machine? If you’re posting mail regularly, even if it’s a few items a day, you’ve probably looked into franked mail to save you money. If you’ve been sending mail with stamps, or queued up in line at the post office, possibly over several trips a day, you’ll know…


Press Release

We are pleased to announce some structural changes at Twofold.  After 17 years in the business, Tim Miller has decided to leave in order to spend more time with his family. The company will buy his entire shareholding in Twofold Document Solutions, and he will resign as a Director of both TDSL and Twofold Limited.…


multichannel mail delivery

Outsourced mail for Insurance companies

Online franking and delivery of your business mail We all love a bit of DIY. Roll up the sleeves, have a go, and stand back to admire your hard work – and that philosophy is fine if you’re talking about changing the oil in your car or putting up some shelves – but if you…


Call Twofold Ltd to discuss robotic process automation for your accounts department

Our finance team is being replaced by Robots!

Imagine your whole accounts team being replaced by robots! Does this fill you full of dread or delight? Ironically, when you chat about this in a company, it is often the accounts team themselves that say that this would be great news, whilst other departments feign mock horror. Most people then joke that you couldn’t…


RPA on steroids OnBase blog from Twofold Ltd

Not just RPA….this is RPA on steroids

Not just RPA … this is RPA on steroids From Siri and Alexa, to customer-service chatbots and stock-trading Forex robots, artificial intelligence (AI) has fundamentally changed many aspects of the way we work. Data capture is no exception. Automated data capture technology already increases workplace efficiency and decreases business costs. “Intelligent” capture is even more…


paperless office with digital document management

Moving to digital? Reasons to go paperless

Reasons to join the digital revolution Moving your processes to a more digital, automated process has many advantages, and it would be easy to just accept this without question. At Twofold we are paper and data management specialists, working with businesses to manage processes in the most practical and efficient way. This means that we…


give jobs to a robot blog Kofax

Make employees happy – replace their jobs with a robot!

  How to make employees happy – replace their jobs with a robot! … What? Yes, replace all their boring repetitive jobs with a robot. A recent survey showed that only 1% of employees were unhappy after their companies had deployed Robotic Process Automation. In fact, 93% of firms reported an uplift in employee satisfaction. This…


Mailroom healthcheck from Twofold Ltd

Is your mailroom costing you money?

Audit your existing mailroom to uncover huge savings Your mailroom is the heart of the communication with your customers, with inbound and outbound mail flowing constantly – keeping that relationship alive. In an era where modern technology means they expect swift responses, how you manage that mailroom is vital to your business. Both incoming and…