Kofax Web Capture

Extend Capture ability across the Internet through Web-based portals

Kofax Web Capture provides a comprehensive toolkit for creating powerful web-based applications with image viewing/scanning capability.

Companies are consistently increasing the demand for faster, more efficient and better execution of business processes; Kofax Web Capture extends the power of capturing documents at the source, across the Internet.

The benefits of Kofax Web Capture technology extend to any process where the originators of documents are geographically dispersed. For example:

  • Government (benefit eligibility, permit applications, property tax assessments etc.)
  • Insurance (policy application and renewal, policy claims, etc.)
  • Applications for employment, background screenings, identify/residence verification
  • Financial Services (loan application, new account openings etc.)

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Capture at the point of origination

Capturing information at the point of origination minimises the latency caused by the time necessary to receive process related documents. In turn this helps organisations to be more responsive to customer needs, delivering a high level of business performance whilst minimising operational costs.

A typical example would include:

A mortgage lender can now enable prospective borrowers to not only apply online but also provide the capability to capture critical supporting documentation directly via the web application.
Using a scanner or multifunction printer, applicants can scan and electronically provide proof of identity, income and other supporting information to the lender for processing directly through the lender’s web portal.

kofax web capture screen shot

This eliminates the step of mailing or faxing paper and accelerates the mortgage application process, better serving the customer needs and allowing lenders to be more responsive to applicants and gain the competitive advantage.


The Kofax Web Capture application enables the borrower to review the scanned documents, reorder or rotate pages and make annotations prior to submitting documentation. These capabilities can also be used to address trailing documents, such as requests from the lender to provide supplementary documents.

Kofax claims processing solution

The Kofax Claims Processing solution enables P&C and life insurance organisations to shorten claims processing times, reduce the cost of claims management, adapt to changing compliance requirements and become more responsive to policy holders.


The solution provides customer-facing employees, agents, brokers, adjusters and service organisations with a powerful scan-to-process platform that automatically:

  • Captures claim-related data from any paper or electronic document and from communication channel.
  • Transforms data into process-ready information.
  • Classifies and extract the appropriate information.
  • Validates and routes content where required.
  • Initiates straight-through data processing and business decisions based on insurance-specific rules and knowledge bases.
  • Provides status updates and alerts to claimants, offering a higher degree of communication and responsiveness.


By scanning at the front end, the Kofax Claims Processing solution enables insurance providers to integrate field resources, agents, brokers, and third-party service organisations into the claims process.

This increases data accuracy and quality, closes the information gap between disparate departments, processes, and functions, and dramatically enhances information availability throughout the organisation.

Policy records management

  • Automatically capture, process and archive high volumes of policies and all related documents from your customers in an efficient, integrated and compliant manner.
  • Kofax provides insurance companies and their extended networks with a robust, flexible and scalable enterprise capture platform to meet the full range of document capture and management demands.
  • It enables e-entry of new documents as well as back-file conversion of high volumes of documents in any format, and it seamlessly integrates with enterprise content management systems and relevant business processes.
  • Any document type – on paper, fax, email, image, or any other electronic format – can be captured from desktop scanners, MFPs and high volume production scanners alike, across your organisation and extended network.
  • The Kofax enterprise capture platform offers the scalability to capture and manage hundreds to millions of documents per day, and to operate in both centralised and highly distributed environments.
  • Via automated classification, documents can be routed to the right systems and data repositories quickly and securely, consistent with policies and regulations for records retention, disposition and privacy.
  • Our market leading “learn by example” technology enables the automated recognition and extraction of information from any document without programming. Relevant information can be extracted from structured and unstructured documents and routed to processes and data repositories.
  • Information from e-entry of new documents as well as from back-file conversion can be consolidated and routed to processes and data repositories based on insurance specific business rules.
  • Integration with a wide range of workflow and content management applications ensures that both scan-to-archive and scan-to-process operations work harmoniously, feeding data into cohesive business processes.
  • High availability and disaster recovery for mission critical implementations enables secure and compliant management of and access to records. It also increases customer service efficiency, as requests from policy holders or claimants can be answered and necessary action taken on-the-fly because the electronic files can be easily searched and found in the data repository.
  • Performance monitoring provides real-time metrics on the operational health of your capture system and remote real-time management of system performance to meet throughput requirements.


Invoice processing

Increase efficiency and reduce cost and risk by accelerating and streamlining the processing of invoices – including exception and approval handling – in a variety of formats and from widely distributed suppliers.

Insurance companies have to deal with an enormous volume of invoices, including many driven by claims settlements. To make this challenge even more complex, these invoices originate with a vast number of widely distributed suppliers, service and repair organisations, appraisers, and so on.

End-to-end automation of invoice processing – including e-invoicing, workflow and seamless ERP integration – can significantly reduce the extensive effort of managing invoices, whether they are involved in the settlement of a claim or for goods or services purchased by the company.

  • Invoices can be automatically captured, no matter where they enter your organisation, and no matter in which format (paper, fax, email, e-invoice and so on).
  • Invoices can be classified at the point of entry through intelligent recognition of invoice header and line item information.
  • In case of missing or incorrect data, an automated alert function triggers exception handling and correction.
  • Only correct and complete invoices are sent to the relevant applications and processes to ensure efficient processing.
  • E-invoice processing and supplier integration can remove paper from the transaction altogether, enabling finance organisations to process electronic invoices and seamlessly work with their suppliers – providing the benefits of EDI at a fraction of its cost and complexity.
  • The system provides real-time integration with ERP systems like SAP and Oracle, and gives finance and business managers performance management capabilities.
  • Cash management benefits significantly from visibility into the AP process, real-time status information – including invoices in process, cash requirement, invoices awaiting approval, cash consumption, and productivity data – and the ability to trigger corrective measures.


Enterprise integration

Kofax Web Capture fully integrates with Kofax‘s enterprise ready capture enabled business process management platform. Companies are able to send accurate, actionable information into their business processes directly from documents received from their customers through their Kofax Web Capture-enabled Web Portal.

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