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You have ERP software to manage enterprise data, but what is managing the documents that support it?

OnBase was designed to complement your existing IT investments and reduce IT complexity by simply acting as an extension of existing business applications.

It’s time to eliminate manual paperwork processing and extend the value of your ERP solution. With OnBase certified Oracle solutions, documents are available right from enterprise resource planning software screens. This eliminates waiting for supporting documents and reduces costs and cycle times.

Whether your organisation relies on a tier-one application across the business, a niche solution specific to your industry, or multiple software applications, OnBase offers an array of options to enable your existing IT investments to communicate by linking transactional business documents to them. Read more about what OnBase can do for you in our blog post.


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Twofold’s OnBase solutions capture all documents as soon as they arrive – at any location – and they are instantly available from ERP software screens for processing. They can even create Oracle transactions. OnBase ERP solutions don’t require custom coding, so you don’t need IT resources to change approval workflows or create reports. Let your Oracle enterprise resource planning system do what it does best – manage the data – and let OnBase manage the documents.

OnBase supports full integration with many commonly used products, such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and Lawson, along with hundreds of other industry solutions and back office applications. This is all easily configured and rapidly deployable, and has been used to integrate OnBase with hundreds of line-of-business applications – reducing labour associated with indexing and retrieval, as it automates the creation of template-based documents and triggers automated workflows. Read more here.

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Empower AP departments with OnBase to improve efficiency and support business agility.

Streamline information access by integrating OnBase with essential applications

Your business applications are critical for everyday operations. Whether you rely on your ERP, accounting, HR, claims, lending, electronic medical record, student information or other critical systems, these drive your core processes.

However, when working with these applications, users frequently also rely on information stored elsewhere to make decisions. OnBase acts as a central repository for this information, intelligently linking the documents and data within OnBase to the transactions and activities in other applications.

Speed up processes with instant information access, regardless of application

By integrating OnBase with needed applications, organisations:

  • Eliminate switching between screens to find the right information – Users gain instant access to related content stored in OnBase without leaving their business application.
  • Ease the transition to new software – Because uses can access OnBase content directly from their other applications, training is minimal. User acceptance also increases because staff can access needed content from the familiar applications.
  • Reduce manual data entry – OnBase can instantly update your business applications as soon as it receives information, and in turn, your other applications can update the information stored in OnBase.

Other OnBase applications and information

Core features

  • Eliminates duplicate data entry without custom coding into Oracle
  • Shortens cycles and reduces costs per transaction
  • Avoids document-related project delays
  • Eliminate integration pains through codeless, point-and-click integration and rapid deployment.

Document management for small to medium businesses

OnBase is undoubtedly an very capable and impressive product, and has helped thousands of businesses to grow and become more efficient, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re a small to medium sized organisation looking for a document management solution that will scale woth your growth, look no further than DocuWare. We are partnered with DocuWare and can install and maintain your application along with ongoing support. Take a look at what it can do for you here.

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