OnBase – Business Content Management

Looking for a more efficient way to maintain, access and route business documents?

Organisations looking for a more efficient way to maintain, access and route business documents (invoices, claims, applications, incoming mail or any document linked to a business process) should look at OnBase. Our OnBase customers have found the solution becomes even more powerful, when workflow automates repeatable business processes and seamlessly integrates with their core applications. Most would argue that OnBase is so easy to use they prefer processing items within its interface or didn’t even knew it existed as they thought that their email system had just got better. Read more in this ECM blog post.


Linking with our Kofax Capture technology we can …

  • Capture documents – in any format – including paper, e-mail, mainframe reports and e-forms
  • Manage content – according to your organisation’s business rules and gauge the health of processes in real-time
  • Store, organise and track – your content so documents are there when you need them
  • Deliver documents – as soon as they’re needed so processes run fast and costs stay low
  • Preserve and protect – your documents so you meet and stay in compliance with internal and external standards

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Save time, resources and, money with integrated content management

If you’re ready to discover measurable benefits to your business processes, eliminate paper and file folders, and give your employees the ability to tackle high-value tasks and forgo low-value tasks (like fetching paper and file folders), then take a look at out blog and browse through the OnBase pages where we go a little deeper into Image capture, ERP Integrations, Business process Automation and workflow. But there is so much more that OnBase is capable of that we really suggest you get in touch so that we can talk about what it can do for you, so talk to Twofold about how OnBase and Kofax can help your entire organisation, from HR, file management, and customer onboarding.

Other OnBase applications

Document management for small to medium businesses

OnBase is undoubtedly an amazing product, and has helped thousands of businesses to grow and become more efficient, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re a small to medium sized organisation looking for a document management solution that will scale woth your growth, look no further than DocuWare. We are partnered with DocuWare and can install and maintain your application along with ongoing support. Take a look at what it can do for you here.

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